Robin Wood - 3 of Cups


3 of cups

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Just thought I'd put my two cents in:
I'd say this card is about celebrating the harvest of something new. I'd say that it's about being able to relaly have fun and to let things start to flow. Being able to maybe enjoy the forest and that of nature around us. Also, maybe it's mother's day, that's what is coming to mind.
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Celebrate life! That is what this card says to me. Be yourself, be spontaneous and love your radiant, creative self. Surround yourself with people you love and who love and support you in return. Be inspired, be open and enjoy the moment.

~Nisha :)


I wonder why, though, not one of them is looking at either of her partners. It makes me feel they are dancing together...but not really together, and I wonder what that means?

Are they a unit inexorably drawn together while really wanting to remain individuals? Or drawn together only by what is in common in their wine glasses--whatever they have to celebrate--but soon to be separated again to go their own ways?

I don't know. I need to think about this card some more...


Hi Starry

Well, I like the explanation I found elsewhere on the forum, I'll paste it here. I don't know who the writer was anymore, but to be clear: it wasn't me.

To be able to dance with that much joy and abandon, and to make it look that good, you have to put in a lot of practice and work. You have to devote your whole heart to it, so that when you hear the tune, you just start moving. You trust your partners to cover you, to be at the right place at the right time, so that everyone moves in harmony and cohesion.

The three woman have put in so much time and practice into their dancing (or their art, or whatever) that they are able to do it almost without conscious thought. The music they're dancing to, has bypassed their mind and moved right to their body, and the body, mind, and music work together to produce something that transcends the personal and moves into the universal.

My first thought when seeing this card is of joy. The joy that comes from dancing and physical movement, and also the joy of performance. Also, there is love here. No one devotes that much time and energy to something without loving it completely.

If you are that well tuned in to one another, you don't need to watch what the other is doing, you simply know! This means trust as well.
I do like the thought that they are still individuals though. You can be very close to someone else and still maintain your own individuality. I actually consider this a healthy attitude in any relationship or devotion to a hobby/way of life. No need to lose yourself. So I'm going to integrate this individuality bit in my translation, I think it's a valuable addition, so thank you for pointing it out!

Furthermore: there's 3 women, 3 birds, 3 cups. 3 has always been a magical number in many cultures. The Holy Trinity for instance and this trinity concept is also to be found in pagan belief. The Triple Moon symbol fits in beautifully.
To me the Triple Moon also means that everyone's needs and characteristics are accepted and integrated: Triple Moon is Maiden Mother and Crone. The way a crone behaves and the things a crone "needs" are totally different from those of a Maiden. No one seems to make a fuzz about this, everything and everyone is accepted for who they are (there's your individuality again!). The different colour of their hair and dresses also points out diversity and individuality. Just think of this: the priestesses of Avalon all had to wear the same type and colour of dress and have the same hairdo. Some religions or groups (scouts even) require "uniform" dress = loss of individuality or submerging in a crowd. These women can be themselves and still be part of the group. And they are not "submerging" in a crowd either, everything is out in the open. I think this could mean people are coming out with something, finally being glad with whom they are and not being afraid of showing it off anymore? Daring to be yourself so to speak and being content and happy with and about it.

I've just seen the flute and the tambourine or whatever it's called. The flute=air and a drum is Earth. Both are put on the bowls of fruit. I think this means these are the results (fruits) of their. hard mental (air) and physical (earth) work. So they are celebrating, sharing the results of their

Jeeez.. I hadn't intended to write a tome, haha. But suddenly more and more came up...
I could go on, I can't believe it myself!, but they also let go of their worries, their thoughts: the birds (=air=mental processes) are flying high in the sky. So they're simply enjoying.



Funny to read this thread again, incl. my own posts, 2 years later, haha.

I've recently had this card come up to represent joy and so on, but also adultery (a third party) and in another reading too much drinking/indulging.
I suppose these are the down sides (reversed side) of the card.

I love to experience that 1 card holds so many different tiers of meaning.



I love the 3 of Cups in most decks, this one included.

I think this is the only one, though, that includes musical instruments! I love that aspect.

Not only are their dresses different colors, they're also different styles: all suitable for dancing, but different nonetheless. And their steps aren't identical either, though they are coordinated. It seems to be another way of saying that unity doesn't have to mean uniformity.