Robin Wood - Four of Wands


The celebratory "Four of Wands" gives me a warm and happy feeling every time I see it, focusing in on the healthy and loving relationship of two people who want and need to be together. Although you can't actually see other friends and family at the event, you can feel their approving presence and know they are pleased for the couple.

The canopy, not unlike that used in Jewish wedding ceremonies, denotes that this is a blessed, holy time and one of great jubilation. Two are being joined as one, but each person's unique qualities are intact, making the whole stronger. I like how Robin wrote that the canopy also represents shelter...something I might not have though of..."This is a sheltered moment in the Seeker's life, a time to rest, and also to celebrate a job well done, or a relationship well begun." Nice!

The Four of Wands could be about any milestone in a couple's or person's anniversary, a graduation, a well-deserved promotion at work, a birthday, etc....literally any special success or event above the ordinary.

The four wands of silver with red and green crystal tops hold up the canopy itself. This is a union built on love, with male and female energies well represented. The wands themselves have tiny lights circling around their silver staffs, with Robin pointing out that this is " show that there is a lot of energy present in this card." Twinkling lights are often used to enhance special, festive events throughout the year, as are candles, such as those burning at the base of the platform that the couple is dancing on. The "Four of Wands" does not, in my opinion, depict one's average day...this is a time of exitement, a time to relish as it's happening, a time to remember.

Traditionally, the Four of Wands is also about freedom. If indeed the road leading up to this joyous union was arduous and long, the couple's life (or situation the card may be representing) is now opening wide with new possibilities. Anything that was holding them down has broken loose. They can now go forward with a new sense of optimism, sure that whatever they have to face in the future will be easier as a team.

It was really helpful to read about this particular card in Robin's book because she described the background that can easily be ignored if one doesn't look closely. Robin said, "All around them the harvest has been gathered and the grain has been stacked." The shape of the bundled grain is "...the same as that for the sigil of fire, and wands are associated with fire..." in Robin's deck. Robin continues, "...there are seven hills, counting the one they are on. The first one is completely harvested and the second one is mostly in. But there is still a third hill that seems to be covered in ripe, uncut grain. When it pops out at me, I know to tell the Seeker that there is still some work left to do." It's information such as this that makes me want to suggest that you go out and buy Robin's book asap if you already only have her deck. Priceless and so very enlightening!!


Had this come up in a reading for a performer. It does show a stage with people happily performing on it. I felt the querent really wants appreciation for what he does but also wants someone to share this part of himself with.
Concerning the hills that Spinning Spider describes: there's areas/fields left that he hasn't explored yet. (This card came up in financial position).



For some obscure reason I also see it as a slave block. Or a runway of some sort.


The fact that the figures are dancing is what leaps out at me.