Robin Wood - Nyaa-nya-nya-nyaa-nya ? - 5 of Swords


Can't get my head around this card

I really struggle with this card in this particular deck. I get the idea of it being like a 'bad winner', or 'poor sport' kind of situation. It's hard to know whether to focus on the guy in the foreground or the ones in the background. Usually I see the 5 of swords as being about defeat but this card seems to be more than that. It makes me feel uncomfortable when it comes up in readings or when I draw it, and I've been drawing it out quite a bit lately. I guess the fact that it makes me feel uncomfortable is an indication I should work out what it's all about.....which is why I've dug up this old post.

I'd be interested in anyone's comments on this one.


5 swords

this card puzzles me aswell, in the background there are 2 people, one looking out to sea the other looking the other way, the colours on the 2 swords are the same colours of the 2 mens clothes the purple one looks regal the man laughing looks like he could have taken away something from them the 2 men are turning there backs as if they dont want to know, see or hear him laughing? please someone help us with this card :)



right ive just looked at one of my books and this is what is says about 5 swords,
keyword defeat meaning failure loss defeat in battle, a conflict will go against you, cut your losses and swallow your pride, you may have to backtrack and start again.the course you are on will bring nothing but misery. you must accept that a change of direction is necessary,so the men in the background looking in different directions must be our main focus, the reversal meaning is stubborn pride and a refusal to give in even when all is lost, attendance at a funeral is a traditional interpretation,


It's so hard for me to get beyond the smug smirk of the foreground figure. I know there's so much more to this card than that!


I kind of think of this card as a "hollow victory" type card. Yes, the figure in the foreground clearly thinks he has won, but do the others really care? You can associate either with those turned away, or the foreground figure depending on the situation, and the other cards.



Five of Swords

Previously on this thread I made a brief comment regarding Robin's "Five of Swords." I still feel the figure in the foreground has a personality I wouldn't want to be around for any period of time. Words and phrases such as: smug, nasty, gloating, full of himself, cares not for the feelings of others, winning at all costs, laughing behind one's back, having something over on someone, and more come to mind when I see the guy's snarky smile.

I'm reminded of childhood, where relationships and situations weren't always as rosy as we adults would like to remember them as. Children could be and occasionally were cruel. Their unkind words could cut deeply, resulting in wounds such as that which could be inflicted by the swords the guy is carrying. And nasty words are not easily forgotten forever...they surface (sometimes unbidden) years later. Of course adults are also capable of such cutting remarks...both to other adults and to children. Terrible damage can be done in such cases...even irrevocable damage. It's not surprising that the two men in the background of the Five of Swords don't even want to look at the guy in the foreground. Heaven knows what someone like that distasteful fellow may have said or done.

Since the Five of Swords is an air card and knowledge has a way of figuring into cards with this element, perhaps the foreground figure knows something that is damaging to the other two...even to the point of using blackmail. The laughing fellow is very dangerous in this case, using information to obtain power over others. No matter what, it seems communication has been severed completely and possibly forever between the two men in the background with the guy in the foreground.

When this card comes up in a reading (depending on querent, question, spread and where it lands), I have more than once gently warned the querent that someone in their life may be capable of cruelty, cheating or may be deceitful (not on the up and up), whether the querent is aware of it or not. Interestingly, Robin wrote in her book that, "The two swords next to him represent wealth and ability. He hasn't taken them up, because he hasn't earned them fairly..."

While I pride myself that folks wouldn't generally describe me as someone who acts like this rotten fellow, at least not regularly, if this card comes up in a personal reading and it seems the guy MAY represent me...I think over the situation long and hard, a self-evaluation so to speak, to see if or how my actions may have evoked someone to see me in this light. We're all capable of thinking unkind thoughts, but every so often such thoughts may creep into our facial jestures or body language or even our writing. After all, everyone is capable of a bad day! In that case, it's up to me to make matters right again.

If the guy in the foreground doesn't change his attitude or ways, it would be hard to see a sunny future for him. Instead, loneliness and despair would eventually cloud over any of his so-called victories...


5 of Swords

I had a 'moment' with the 5 of Swords yesterday and felt that I should share it here.

When this card came up, my eyes were immediately drawn to the laughing face on the right hand side and the intuitive flash that came to me was "laughing off your fears of loss". Say nya nya nya to the thoughts in your head that are rooting against you and just do it. Use the positive thoughts to keep you going and move beyond those fears of loss.

Another aspect is about proving naysayers wrong and being able to say "I did it, even though you thought I couldn't". Many times a person can be inspired to do better because they personally 'know' they can do it and refuse to be dragged down by their negative environment and naysayers. I think we've all been in situations like that before, I certainly have! :)

This 'flash' has balanced my perspective on this card. While the element of gloating and self interest is still present, the context of it makes a huge difference and I'm able to dig a little deeper with the 5 of Swords now.