Robin Wood - Page of Wands


Catpaw said:
ok, let's do the order of Page, Knight, Queen, King for Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

First one: Page of Wands

I see a young person seeking adventure and excitement. Energetic personality, bubbly, chatty. Focused on him/herself. Can focus on a task/assignment and planning how to do it, but still needs guidance. However, eager to show they can do it alone.

Reminds me of my grandson, only 4, in pre-school and everything is about him!

I started a new thread so we could keep it separate from the suggestion thread... Great idea btw! :)


I like that the wand seems to shed light. It's look like a beacon, a bright place in the dark, a place to get together.

The character seems to a sporty one, ready to run into one sport after the other and enjoying them all. A very active person.

Phoenix Rising

I've had this card turn up when I went into karaoke competitions or for people who like singing. The Wand she is holding is radiating or transmitting energy. No sitting still with this page. Not one to stay in the background either. "Hey everyone, I'm here, look at me"
She wants to be noticed, and has no problem in expressing herself.


This card reminds me of a light house... even tho there is no water represented in this card I see this person as a beacon of good.


Does she have a jump rope tied around her waste? She came up in a spread I did for a friend (which I am still interpreting) and one of her concerns was her weight and the fact that she has not worked out in a while. For some reason the jump rope stood out for me.


I was mistaken before and referring to the Page of Swords rather than the Page of Wands. Sorry, about that.

Pages have been coming up a lot for me lately. Today the Page of Wands came up and it reminded me of someone carrying a torch and leading the way. Someone before mentioned a light house, and my feeling today was similar, only a lighthouse doesn't move. This child is brave, she holds the torch that lights the way, for others to follow.


The torch of the Olmypics comes to mind.....


This particular card always reminded me of the proverbial tomboy whose mother wants to be a beauty queen. You can put her in pretty clothes, put her hair in curls, clean her up - and she still runs off and smears mud all over her Sunday best.

This is a very straightforward and honest person. She doesn't care who sees her or what they think. She's just interested in following her own heart, doing what she does best, and leading the way down a difficult path for those who want to follow in her footsteps.


Firecracker! There's a bundle of fireworks hanging from her belt. This is a feisty person, ready to go at a moment's notice.


Gwynne said:
Firecracker! There's a bundle of fireworks hanging from her belt. This is a feisty person, ready to go at a moment's notice.

I never noticed this before, thank you so much for pointing this out to me!

(BTW, the pages and knights are giving me the most difficult time...glad to have the opportunity to read your thoughts!)