Robin Wood - Queen of Pentacles


The pentacles are my favorite cards in this deck. I just love the earthy feel to these cards! The Queen of Pentacles is sitting on a chair that seems to be made of brown twigs. She's wearing a flowing green dress with a brown over piece (I have no idea what it's called), that has a trim of the harvest's bounty. She is surrounded by flowers, grapevines, apple trees, flowers, baskets of crops and cute little bunny rabbits. She sits there holding the pentacle giving it her soft and loving touch.

She seems as though she is a very generous person. A loving mother figure. She's an animal lover and anyone around her instantly feels comfortable. She's giving and she always trys to see the best in people. She is not one of those people who just sits back and gives orders.... she'll be one of the first people to go out there and do what needs to be done.


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Aboundance is all around her. The two snakes and the two rabbits aren't fighting. There is some tenderness between the two couple of animals. A lot of green. The queen is holding an pentacle. The pentacle seems dear to her.


annik said:
Aboundance is all around her. The two snakes and the two rabbits aren't fighting. There is some tenderness between the two couple of animals. A lot of green. The queen is holding an pentacle. The pentacle seems dear to her.

I hadn't even noticed the snakes! I swear I see something new every time! :D


To me this is a card about fertility too. Rabbits and snakes in mythology symbolize fertility. The fruit and flowers are all over the place and ready to be harvested. They have come to the end of their cycle.


It is a card of Fertility. She IS pregnant.


LOL..i did not notice that looking at the card...doesn't that fit? I was too busy looking at all the tiny details to notice the one big one.


The Queen of Pentacles in Robin's deck is a lovely partner to Robin's King. Together, they would be a pair of rulers who were known for their kindness, compassion and for sensible, down-to-earth solutions to life's problems. If the King got too stern for his own good, she would balance the situation with her heart and vice-versa. If both cards showed up in a reading, I would definitely take all of this in consideration.

This Queen seems utterly at peace. The overall coloring of this card sets me at peace, too. There's nothing jarring in the picture.

As Robin had written in her book, as well as the previous folks on this thread who commented on her, the Queen is pregnant...which adds to the feelings of abundance shown via the many symbols drawn on the card. If querents are feeling empty, they need only see this card to know that beauty and love surrounds them.

I was particularly intrigued that Robin wrote, "...this card often comes up for someone who is a matchmaker, and who likes to pair people up with each other." Neat! And Robin goes on to say how this is illustrated with the rabbits cuddling near the Queen. I'm not sure I would have thought of this regarding matchmaking, but I'll keep it in mind should the situation present itself.

I love how the chair in which she is seated is living and made up of various symbolic vines, including an all-time favorite of mine ~ honeysuckle. I can think of no better illustration showing how someone is grounded to the earth.
Like her partner, the King of Pentacles, she deeply cares for ALL that surrounds her and everything that's above and below. A beautiful Queen, indeed.


"Open mine eyes that I may see
Glimpses of truth thou hast for me
Open mine eyes illumine me
Spirit Divine"*

~ ~ ~

I'd been given two of the baskets and instructed to follow the trail further until I came upon a small clearing. I was to bring them to one I came upon along the path. I had enjoyed my time with the king and felt a bit reluctant to leave, but the night air was wonderfully cool, and the fire flies were winking at each other, as I walked. I was humming a song when I saw the flickering of more lanterns just ahead.

Sitting upon a grapevine throne was a beautiful woman. At first, when I entered the clearing, I thought she might be sleeping, but I saw her smile, open her eyes, and look happily up at me. "How wonderful to see you!" she said, and I thought that the King might have come along, quietly behind me. But she was speaking to me. She thanked me for the baskets and showed me where to set them down. "Please join me for some refreshments," she said. There were all manner of baked goods, and wineskins filled with sweetened tea.

She reminded me of The Empress, though there was a greater gentility here. I felt a quiet and gentle sense within her presence, and saw that, in fact, there were other creatures who found solace in her company, as I spied two sweetly sleeping bunnies, nestled into the folds of her beautiful satin gown.

We sat and talked for a long time, as she told me about this Peaceful Kingdom in the Land of Pentacles. She asked where I came from, and where I was going, and she suggested that I might spend some time here. "Perhaps a fortnight." While I knew it sounded like a great idea, I got the sense that even if I hadn't, at her suggestion, I'd have thought it was regardless. That is the effect she seemed to have, I suspected, on pretty much everyone. I agreed. On the morrow I would meet other members of the Court and then the towns people.

~ ~ ~

First Impression: Quiet contemplation; a gentle Lady, intent on inner work.

Insights: Abundance, and fertility are immediately notable. As are maternal, and nurturing born of a balanced Spirituality. Like the Empress, she also lives comfortably in both the Natural world and that of the Royal Court. Her work Ethic, is likely akin to The Emperor. All creatures great and small not only feel thus, but are safe within her presence. Acceptance of individuals is something which she has cultivated, ensuring that all find a home within her Domain. She is the perfect balance for the King of Pentacles.

*Song for Queen of Pentacles: Song of the Soul by Cris Williamson