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I know I've only just joined the site, but as RW is my deck of choice I'd really like to join in please.

in light



Anyone is welcome to join.
At the beginning of this thread is a list of cards we have already talked about... Feel free to add your comments... also.. feel free to start threads about any cards you want to discuss. :)


Me, too!

I just joined the forum, RW is my deck of choice. I would love to join your study group. I am reading the threads at the beginning of the group and will add my thoughts.

I am looking forward to learning from you and sharing, too!!!



I love the Robin Wood deck! When I was making a robe for an astrologer who owned a book shop, I traded the robe against the deck.

I had also bought "Tarot Spells" by Janina Renee which had the RW illustrations even though the deck came out about a year AFTER the book! I photocopied the cards out of the book to use them in the spells until I was able to get the deck.

I met Robin Wood herself twice - once at a book signing, where she signed the magician card of the second deck i was buying, and once at a Fair where she pre-sold me a copy of her (then) new book. I have signed copy #62 out of the first 500 to be printed ~ purely by luck! (Or was it all in the cards?) LOL!!!! :smoker:


tarotbear said:
. I have signed copy #62 out of the first 500 to be printed ~ purely by luck! (Or was it all in the cards?) LOL!!!! :smoker:


I think it was "all in the cards!" (grin) Thank you so much for sharing your Robin Wood story! How nice it must be to actually have a signed deck!

I've read many interviews with Robin Wood and LOVE her website...I am not sure how to link it here yet! (sorry...but I am sure you all have already found her site).

I am so feeling like a novice...but hoping to improve!

One day at a time.....



Thank you so much for posting the link for me! She offers a wonderful website! Maybe soon, I will catch on to how this forum really works and will be able to link things myself... :)


Room for one more? I've only recently joined AT - what a great site! I mainly use the Ancestral Paths deck (the first one I ever bought) but I bought the Robin Wood a couple of months ago and think it's beautiful - there's a clarity about the pictures that I love. So I'm delighted to find this opportunity to study it in some depth.



Me, too, please -- I bought this deck a couple of weeks ago and love it. I would be thrilled to talk about it with everyone... Will go check out those threads right away!



Can I join in too... it is currently my main deck!

foxyangel :)

P.S. What do I have to do???