Robin wood Study Group - suggestion


I think one of the hardest aspects of the Tarot in which to obtain a proficiency is the Court cards, so I am suggesting that we discuss these in the study group. We could begin with Wands, Cups, Sowords, and Pentacles.

Any thoughts?

Phoenix Rising

Yes i agree. Courtcards always throws people, trying to relate it to people we know, those closest to our hearts, professions. Yes i would be interested in this topic


ok, let's do the order of Page, Knight, Queen, King for Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles.

First one: Page of Wands

I see a young person seeking adventure and excitement. Energetic personality, bubbly, chatty. Focused on him/herself. Can focus on a task/assignment and planning how to do it, but still needs guidance. However, eager to show they can do it alone.

Reminds me of my grandson, only 4, in pre-school and everything is about him!


It seems interest in this deck is dwindling. :(

whenever you want to talk about a card, post it up.

Perhaps this will spice up the interest again.


Renewing interest...

Sorry to have posted on the other thread like that. I think that there is little intrest on it here because people see no new messages about it. I LOVE THE ROBIN WOOD TAROT! I want others to see how wonderful it is too. As I said before, I am trying to gain a better relationship through restudying my cards. I will post cards as I get them done. Where do you want them sent to?



I LOVE my Robin Wood deck! It is the main deck I read with and no matter what new decks come along, I always go back to my Robin Wood one. I would love to participate in a RW Study Group, but it looks like we are a little stuck, and I'm not quite sure how to go about it. But I'm all for it! :)


The Robin Wood deck is one of my favorites. I love the images and the soft colors too. I don't want to over do it here and thus get nothing done.

If you don't mind sporatic posting. I'll join in.


I'm interested. I got this deck a few months ago and it's a great reading deck. I love it.


Well we could always go back and look over old posts....see what was done. Pick up where the other posters left off.

I do n't thi nk It would be that hard. Just take a bit of time to get things started.


I've pulled up about 4 or 5 old Robin Wood posts to hopefully get things started again. :)