Robin Wood Tarot - Knight of Wands


Robin Wood in the companion book to the deck has the key as "Where Angels Fear to Tread!"

I can easily visualize this card and the action and romantic hero. His golden suit of armour shows his firey nature and the lion's head helmet shows his courage, strength, loyalty, nobility, as well as pride and the capability to inflict violence and retribution.

He is swift to act and agile too; a good jouster. But his legs and arms are exposed, so he has vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of and perhaps do him harm.

I see joyful spirit and sense of humor too -- the center of attention at parties and gatherings (reminds me of high school athletes and their youthful prowess...). He is not afraid to try soemthing new and/or dangerous (James Bond comes to mind too). However, his firey temper may at times get out of control -- he may appear to control his horse but the hoarse is rearing and anxious to go into battle. Slef-control must be in the forefront of this knight at times when others may encourage him to rash behavior and anger. He must control his energy for the right time and approach to the situation.

When I draw this card for my daily lesson, I try to remember to apply the need to try something new if appropriate to the day's work, capture the knight's energy and enthusiasm if I am feeling down or tired, and if I have things under control then to cut loose and have a bit of fun (after work is done -- keep the focus).

In dreams, it is wonderful to have this knight guide me into a fantasy of fun and adventure -- Robin Hood, James Bond, Harrison Ford, Pierce Bronson... you get the picture.


He makes me think of a cartoon strip hero (Lucky Luke, the cow-boy who shot faster than his shadow) This knight is fast and quick. He plunge right into action. Inaction seems to be boring to him. Traveling toward the setting sun for the next adventure.

Phoenix Rising

This card came up as a outside influence, in a reading I did for a girl 8 months ago. She was stabbed 3 times(3 swords)was in her long term future. The Knight was a young man who came to assist her, from the attacker(Queen swords) all in the reading.
although at the time, i didn't think that the 3 swords was going to be that incident.

So this knight can be seen as a Knight in shining armour!


Knight of Wands

This Knight of Wands is someone who is no shrinking violet or wishy-washy wallflower. He's virtually bursting forth, on his equally wild stallion, in a flurry of passionate flames. If you want something done with gusto, this is your man (or woman, for his qualities could definitely be a strong part of the make-up of any gender, race, age, culture, etc.)

Adventurous, daring, possibly reckless and foolhardy, not to mention full of charm, here's a knight who'll leap into action, but hopefully he's thought hard and has done his research before doing so. I like the key words that Robin used for this dashing gent, "Where angels fear to tread." The word afraid is not in this guy's vocabulary. Right on top of the knight's head is a helmet depicting a lion. He's known, as Robin pointed out, for his "bravery, strength, loyalty, fearlessness, beauty, nobility, etc." And I think it's interesting that he actually doesn't wear much armor, as for instance, the rather staid Knight of Pentacles does. Hopefully the Knight of Wands' youthful optimism and feelings of living a charmed life doesn't get in the way of good, sound, common sense...kind of like someone who rides a motorcycle without a helmet or proper clothing/footwear.

I'm glad Robin pointed out that salamanders grace the saddle of the Knight of Wands. I must admit to never really noticing them on this card before...reminds me to look carefully at the smaller, but no less important, symbols on any Tarot/Oracle card. Salamanders ARE a powerful symbol, representing the element of fire, the direction of south and the sun-filled summer. If you've ever seen a brilliant orange-red salamander you can't help being moved by its beauty and brilliance (and yet somehow decidedly delicate)...just as I imagine we'd feel similarly moved if we encountered someone with the traits of the Knight of Wands.

Speaking of delicate, perhaps this Knight has a softer, inward-looking, side to himself. Looking at Robin's drawing of him, he doesn't seem particulary ferocious-of-face, even with the lion helmet. Sure of himself, yes...but kindly just as well. And that's no sharp point on his lance, it's a crystal. Sure, he's a guy who is not a coward, but perhaps he's keen enough to know there are other ways to fight battles than with weapons.

I find it fascinating that Robin wrote that this card's traditional meaning can point to "a journey, or change of residence." It makes me think of my own gypsy lifestyle (we've moved a lot over 27 years!) and how my husband would say that it often felt like our family was part of the Star Trek show, where we were beamed up from one situation and landed in another. Beaming up requires an amazing amount of fiery energy and that's just what the the Knight of Wands card exudes. In any case, I'd do well to pay attention to when this card shows up in one of my own personal readings...maybe another change is due to occur!