Robin Wood - The Lovers


I like so many of the points that Ravenne made; I won't bother to itemize. I do love the balance in all its manifestations, including the ones I never thought of before (e.g. the mountains). I'm not uncomfortable with the nudity, as is Amashelle (though too much nudity in a deck sometimes makes me reluctant to use a deck with strangers), and in this case I see the nudity as being the lack of anything to distract from essentials. They are what they are, and it's the surroundings that emphasize the differences, but they're bringing all that together.

It's interesting to compare this card with the 2 of Cups, which also shows a man and a woman in balance, or rather complement, fully (and elaborately) dressed. To me the difference is between unity (as Ravenne said) between opposites and the "simple" (ha ha) attraction of opposites. There, the differences are seen as more superficial, but the caduceus leads one to feel that this couple aspires to become the Lovers in their card, and just may succeed.


Amashelle said:
Jessica Macbeth, in the companion book for the Faeries' Oracle, notes that those cards we have the most adverse reaction to represent those aspects of ourselves we are least able to admit, examine, see, or understand, so I suppose I should be looking at this card with less critisism towards it, and more on myself: maybe I'm uncomfortable with that level of trust given to another person?

Well put Amashelle! In fact, I came to just that conclusion with the previous card (Hierophant)... I had issues with that card, and I needed to look at what was up with me and my reaction to it.


This One's For All The Lovers Out There

It is beautiful here. And there is laughter. Turning toward the sound, I see them; a couple standing arm in arm, not at all conscious of anything but each other. I might have felt like a voyeur, except I was transfixed by the depth of feeling that radiated from them and from this whole place.

The young lovers are standing in front of a tree, one which seemed to have two very separate halves, melded together. Her side was an apple tree, abundant with bright red fruit, and his side was a tall, sturdy Oak, leaves fully formed, and magnficient. She was radiant, her beautiful dark tresses cascading down over her body; and he, attentive to her, a tenderness that spoke of adoration, and devotion.

On her side of the tree, I noticed, far off, a small cabin, and beyond, just above the peaks, two hawks (eagles? ravens?). Her right hand was held aloft, palm face up, and a full moon, rising in the sky, seeming to hover just above her hand. Likewise, on his side, the setting sun, still brilliant, appeared to be poised just above his palm. Where the trees were fused together, a bright light shone through, showering the world with warmth. I noticed two butterflies danced beside him and surrouinding them was a sacred circle only for Lovers. It was as if they were in their own world where only love existed, and nothing from the outside touched them.

There was a pathway which lead down the hill into a valley beyond, where a river meandered away toward the mountains. ETA: turns out it's cultivated fields, not a pathway... interesting.

I considered the contrast between where I'd just come from, and into the realm where I now lounged upon the lush lawn. I thought about this journey I'd begun, and realized that this is the essential foundation from which all learning has to commence; that to reach higher levels of knowledge, love must be the guide, and that each of us is one half of a whole, where dwelling within the land of love, each partner learns about the other. The fullness of life cannot be attained without the missing piece that is love; both physical and emotional. For the Lovers, their time together is transforming, merging the energies of both genders, to form a perfect whole.

Song for The Lovers: The Power Of Love

While the previous couples within the first 6 cards showed how they made life possible, The Lovers show that in the physical world their union will make each other possible. They are two halves of a whole; Unifying energies; balance. Together, they are nurturing, strong, sweet, and within their sharing, creation is possible. Their love is transformational and manifests a ripeness and ready state which leads to quickening.

The keywords for our Lovers would be: Unity, balance, harmony, perfection, transformation, enlightenment, belonging, involvement, caring, sharing, growth, nurturing, strength, freedom and combining.