Robin Wood - The World - 21


Have reached the last of the Major Arcana, after what's turned out to be a self-study of Robin's deck. Will begin the suit of Pentacles next.

"The World" is another simply beautiful card drawn by Robin. The more I study and work with these cards, the more I'd like to meet the woman who created them. She is surely amazing.

I particularly like how Robin drew the actual elements in each corner, rather than symbols. While I enjoy and appreciate animal and other types of symbols generally, it seems so much more powerful to have the elements themselves presented, as they are in nature. And speaking of powerful, that's what I think of when I see this card in a spread...the majestic earth and cosmos in all its glory, with all the possibilities presented to us, as humans, within it.

This is a card that, in my mind, tells the reader/querant that the world and all the secrets and beauty it holds is ours to cherish, take care of, understand more fully and live wisely within it.

The World, to me, is a "go for it card"...we've learned some lessons on our journey in life and now we are capable of making informed decisions. More lessons will continue, full of ups and downs, but we'll be ready for whatever comes our way because we've made sure we are grounded and centered with the earth. The World encourages us to use what we've already become skilled in. The journey through life will continue and if we use our talents carefully, they will be built a foundation for future successes.


"We are the world,
We are the children,
We are the ones who make a brighter day,
So let's start giving..."*​

~ ~ ~​

Everything looks brandy new; freshly washed. Perspective is clear. The sense of exultation is like a new flavor of a sucker candy; sweet, juicy, almost sumptuous. A journey will make a body feel like that. The pilgrim returns home; only home is in the heart, now, which means that no matter where you go, there you are, and you are still at home. Yes, folks, home is in the heart.

I find the image on this card beautiful. Center stage is a magnificent wreath, filled with every kind of flower, fruits and veggies, interwoven, top and bottom with a lush red swath of cloth, crisscrossing itself to form a figure 8. Within the center of the wreath is a young woman, floating, it would appear, among the stars. Each corner is representative of one of the four elements: upper left is earth; upper right is air; lower right is fire; and lower left is water. This is The World and having reached this moment, we ARE the world.

Keywords for the world: Transformed, complete, wholeness, enlightened, joyous, triumphant, mastery, balanced, welcoming, friendly, courage, strength, purity.

*song for The World: "We Are The World" by Michael Jackson and friends


Nice choice for the song! ;)
In this card i like the corners with the elements...
Haven't got the feeling of the card yet, guess i need to see how it feels when it comes up in a reading


Moonson said:
Nice choice for the song! ;)
In this card i like the corners with the elements...
Haven't got the feeling of the card yet, guess i need to see how it feels when it comes up in a reading

YES! That is the whole thing. What do I see when the card is connected to a reading, a question/situation. The last two nights I suddenly found myself, after trying out a 3 card spread, suddenly going through all the majors, three at a time, as if they were in a spread: #1 Opportunity, #2 Challenge, and #3 Resolution/Result/outcome. It really gave me some great chances to think about how it would fit into each 'role' so to speak. :)