ROC May - AndromedaStarSeed and theFeeLion


AndromedaStarSeed and theFeeLion's spread


May's Suggested Spread:

I decided to choose a spread that's related to Beltane this May, and this spread provides insight on many different aspects, so I think it's pretty cool. This spread is from Tarot For All Season by Christine Jette, and I found it from Llewellyn's site.

May Queen
May is a time of fertility and high spirits. By Beltane, the dark time of the year is a distant memory and the possibilities of life seem sweet. Use the May Queen spread to regain or confirm a sense of abundance and safety. If you have a specific question in mind, ask it as you shuffle the cards. Shuffle the cards and place them in positions one through five.


Position 1: Safety.*Emotional security. What you need to feel safe. Where are you secure in yourself? A seemingly negative card describes a situation that needs your focused attention. Work with the energy of that card to produce feelings of safety.

Position 2: Abundance.**Feelings of plenty. Abundance may encompass monetary prosperity, but it also describes the emotional breadth of your life that is full and sweet. A challenging card directs you to constricted energy flow; by releasing the block of a challenging card, emotional abundance will follow.

Position 3: Regeneration.**Exploring the possibilities. The bold action needed to grow and flourish. A challenging card will show you the block that keeps you from your heart's desire.

Position 4: Love.**Emotions and relationships. All forms of love, from friendship to sexual passion. Only you know your heart. Look at the suit of the card: what does it tell you about your life right now?

Position 5: The Future.**The present conceivable outcome based on the flow of cards one through four. What story do the cards tell? The lessons to be learned and the potential for growth. How does position three, regeneration, relate to the future


Important Notes:
1. If you would like to do a different spread, please keep it to 3-5 cards, and clear this with your partner beforehand.
2. Readers have final choice of the oracle deck used, but can allow sitter to choose.
3. For partners doing the Intuitive Option: After the oracle reading, please provide your intuitive impressions within the write-up or after in its own section.
4. Please stay in communication with your partner, and PM when you have posted your reading, feedback, or if you are experiencing scheduling issues. Please do not wait until the last minute to post readings and feedbacks.
5. Have fun and let's ROC!


Please PM Fortuna for questions or issues.


Hello theFeeLion. I'm excited for this month's circle. Do you have a particular focus for this month? My focus is about going to either graduate school or PA school. Do you have a deck preference?



Hello theFeeLion. I'm excited for this month's circle. Do you have a particular focus for this month? My focus is about going to either graduate school or PA school. Do you have a deck preference?


Hi andromedastarseed :love:

Yay! :D I've been looking forward to this all month :) I think I did the last one too quickly because I got a bit over excited to try it out lol

I don't think I have a particular focus at this point. Just a general message would be good :) I'm happy to leave the deck choice up to you although I would prefer none of the Doreen Virtue cards, I've never really connected to them at all.

Would you like me to do this spread or another more focused on choices? I'm pretty sure I know of one floating around somewhere that I could use. When I find it I'll post it so you can see if you want.

Maybe this one?



That's a good spread. It does balance out both options


I'm happy to do either one for you :) just let me know which you prefer


I think the one you picked out will be good. Thanks[emoji3]


Ok cool :)
I'm going to try to get on to it in the next few days after I've caught up with my other threads and some feedback for other people :)


My focus is about going to either graduate school or PA school.

Hey lovely :love:
Here's your reading...

Position 1 - Graduate school
The Singer of Courage

This choice is going to need courage. Don't let your fears hold you back from achieving greatness.

Position 3
The Fee Lion

I feel like he has a duel message for you here. First of all, stop procrastinating. You CAN do this! :) Secondly, make sure you take care of the little things before you proceed with this choice, especially the ones that matter to others, you will feel so much better afterwards.

Position 2 - PA school
Lys of the Shadows

I feel like this card is giving a bit of a job description as to me a PA works with and from the shadows helping out where they can just like Lys.

Position 4
A Collective of Pixies Rx

I feel ĺike this choice won't be enough for you, like you won't have enough to do, which could lead to a bit of trouble, possibly with you doing other people's work as well as your own.

Position 5 - the Balance
The Rarr

Either way, there is a lot of energy available to you. The trick is to put it to good use and not get carried away. Just remember that while the Rarr doesn't require feet on the ground you do. Stay grounded and centered, be clear about what you want, and go for it.

What surprised me about this reading was that it was so straight forward with the answers! No mucking around and no elaboration! Even when I pulled a base card to see if there was any more information I had missed I got The Journeyman who is all about the journey and what you can learn while on it.

Hope that helps you!

Faerie blessings
:love: Fee




how are you ? hope you okay was wondering if you still taking sitters