ROC Oct. 2016 - Gwynydd and Knight_Sephiroth


Hi, I'm just going to post it all out now. Knight, thanks for my reading, I'll do feedback after posting your readings :) I'm so sorry it's taken so long! Argh!


Ok, here's the first reading (I used the Wisdom of the Oracle):

1. What should I focus more in my everyday life?

Time for a nap

You need to take time out to recharge your batteries as needed, at the moment. Let your busy mind take a rest now and then, and escape the cares of the world temporarily. As you do this, allow dreams and ideas drift to the surface. This card also recommends meditation and any other relaxation technique that lets you escape your daily concerns.

2. What should I focus less in my everyday life?


This sounds as though it should be out of place in this position, but it actually fits in very well. This card speaks of freedom of attachment, and being accepting of what is happening in your world at this time. Let your mind be quiet and free from want. To me, this also speaks to the idea of practicing gratitude for what is going on in your life, wherever that is suitable to do so. It's the chill out and don't over think it card.:p This card goes extremely well with the 'time for a nap' card. I feel as though the whole reading is screaming, 'quiet your mind!' haha.

3. What could I focus more in the grand scheme of things?

Chop wood

Going about your day to day, mundane activities, in a mindful way is a very powerful way to allow nature to take its course in terms of living a happier life. Ground yourself in everyday experience by paying attention to the simple chores of your life. This usually refers to those tasks in the home, such as weeding the garden, washing the dishes, doing our laundry, anything that assists in the flow of your day to day life. Take your attention away from all your more pressing thoughts, and simply engage in these mundane tasks in a meditative, contemplative way. This will clear your energy to help you receive those 'aha!' moments, to help bring you closer to what you seek.

4. What should I focus less in the grand scheme of things?

No place like home

I had to take time to think about this one. I think it's saying, don't worry so much about who you are; you already know who you are in the grand scheme of things, so let yourself feel at home in your own body and mind. Stop second guessing yourself, and trust yourself more.

5. What new skill would be beneficial for me?

A leg up

It's a time for you to be open to asking for help and being ok with receiving help when it does come to you. This card tells you, you don't have to go it alone in life, and doing so at this time, wouldn't be optimal for you. Try not to think of it as dependence, but rather, interdependence and teamwork. The people in your life who care about you know you would do the same for them, so just remember that you are deserving of support, too :)

6. What I'm still holding on that doesn't serve me at all?

Higher power

This cards talks about remembering you're more than a person just trying to get ahead in life on the physical plane, trying to make things happen for yourself and others. You're also a spiritual person, and this card is asking you to take time out for your own spiritual work, be it with your cards, meditation, whatever it is that feeds your spiritual development. Look beyond what is happening in your day to day life, and let yourself go deeper into yourself. I think the 'time for a nap' and 'chop wood' cards that also came up in this reading support this. Both cards point to that meditative state that is so good for us :)

I hope this was helpful to you, and thank you so much for your patience, once again, I'm sorry for the wait!


Ok, and here is the romance reading, done with the Nature's Whispers deck :)


Leap of faith

This cards says it's time to put yourself out there and jump right in! This is a time of transition, and of trying new things, trusting and knowing you have a safety net to fall into, if things don't work out. You can always get up and try again, and use whatever experiences come from this time as a learning experience. So, be brave, because once you overcome your fear, this card tells you something beautiful is on the horizon!



Your challenge is to take some time everyday to enjoy your own company, and think about what you enjoy most in your life, and what you want in a relationship. This is a time to listen to your inner self and be inspired. The answers you glean from doing this, will help you to think about how you'd like to approach a relationship, and what you and your potential partner could do together.


Make a decision

This card ties in very well with the first two, I think :)

The previous card speaks of thinking about what you want from a relationship, and this card supports the 'leap of faith' card, by telling you it's time to act on those things you want and again, to jump in and do those things! This card says it's a great time to act with determination and confidence :) Put your desires and thoughts into action. Now is not a time to limit yourself.


Perfect setting

Although the previous card talks about determination, it also talks about confidence, and this card supports that idea, by encouraging you to set the scene for confidence, by being kind to yourself. Give yourself lots of positive self-talk and celebrate the good things you have going for yourself.

Look after your inner and outer health, and this will set the tone for attracting the type of person you would like to attract, and help you to do so with loads of confidence! Think of it as laying down the groundwork for the good things to happen :)

I hope this helped :)


1. What should I focus more in my everyday life?
Mummy (change)
The Mummy asks you to consider ways to make significant, positive changes in your life. As life, and our inner work, is an ongoing, unfinished process, Mummy suggests you need to be open to transformative change--big-picture shifts in how you see the world, what direction you're taking and how naturally you listen to signs. If you think of mummies and their original purpose--the dead prepared for their journey into the afterlife--what kinds of steps can you take to prepare yourself for considerable change? Don't be afraid to make big changes when the time arises--however, these should be gradual, healing, and gear-shifting changes, not sudden gambles (see #2).

This is a good card :) I have been working very hard on making some big, positive changes! They haven't been changes that are risky, more things to help mine and my family's life function more effectively and happily. I've been having varying degrees of success with this, as it takes time, and there have been many obstacles along the way. I get extremely frustrated when this happens, but I guess big changes are hard to make! :D In all this effort to make these changes, not once did it ever occur to me to take any sorts of steps to help myself prepare for such huge changes! Perhaps that's why I'm finding it so difficult. That's definitely something new for me to look at, so thank you :)

2. What should I focus less in my everyday life?
Apple (risk and reward)

Avoid risky gambles. The apple is a tantalizing offer, but it may be poisoned. You don't know till you bite, and then it's too late. The apple in this context suggests risks taken without proper planning, preparation or knowledge. You should focus less on taking wild or unnecessary risks to incite the change you seek--instead falling back on the slow, sure, logical and intelligent process of the mummy. Don't jump. Learn, read, study. Then make an informed choice for major change, rather than sudden, scattered or quick decisions to initiate change. Making rash decisions might have immediate impact (the bite of the apple tastes good), but it won't produce lasting results (like the mummy's artfully prepared body that can last an eternity). Be smart. Be present. Do you homework. Listen to your gut instinct and focus less on the speed with which you make major things happen. Take your time instead.

I wouldn't say I've been taking gambles so much, but I definitely have been jumping into trying to make big changes, and then getting disappointed when the new habits don't 'stick' :) Perhaps the reason it's been so difficult to do, is because I haven't taken such a slow, sure approach? I do feel as though I burn myself out when I try to make such big changes so quickly, and the results definitely have NOT been lasting! Maybe I just need more patience and like this card says, follow my instinct :)

3. What could I focus more in the grand scheme of things?
Hearth (happiness in our hearts and homes)

A very warming, comforting card! Slow down a bit. Take stock of your home, your surroundings, the places you feel confident and whole, the people whom make you feel good about yourself and your future. Since your other cards are advising a process of informed change, this card makes sense as it takes away the instability of quick action, giving you permission to take your time, to commune meaningfully with others and to carefully establish the kind of base in your life that is trustworthy, supportive and solid. If you've been feeling that your life is turned upside down, or you feel loss, analyze what *does* make you feel whole and safe, what makes you feel most together, and find ways to bring more of that into your life.

It's interesting that this card came up, as a lot of the changes I've been trying to make revolve around our home and family life :) I will take this on board for sure, because my rushing around like a headless chook is not helping me to feel whole or secure, if anything, it's made me feel as though I've set myself up for failure. I certainly can approach this more slowly, and I think that would make me feel much happier. And what happens when I try to do too much, too quickly, is that I get sick, and then I can't do anything! Argh! So slow and steady it is :)

4. What should I focus less in the grand scheme of things?
Skull of Darkness (blind spots)

Stop worrying. I know, easier said than done. Stop focusing on the negative when you can. Stop counting all the things that have gone wrong, or could go wrong, and slow down, look inside, look to your closest allies, build long, slow sweeps to bridge troubled waters to a more stable other side. This skull reminds us that we sometimes can't see the forest for the trees, and it may be telling you that when you focus on the trees, you can't see the path that takes you out of trouble. Allow yourself to look around, to see, to take down your blinders and address everything with clarity. What is it you really do need to change in your life? What is actually fine, but only seems troubled?

I think I've been very hard on myself, lately. By being in such a rush for big change, I'm not seeing the progress I have made and am making. I may not have the huge results I was hoping for yet, but a lot of good things have happened, and they've just been a lot more slow and subtle than I realised. This is still a victory, and maybe I need to look at that more positively and appreciate just how far I have come along with it :) I do think I'm on the right track, making the changes I've chosen, but perhaps I just need to take these changes on in much smaller bites?

5. What new skill would be beneficial for me?

Invisibility (authenticity)
Practice being true to what you believe, to what you want, feel, need, think, and desire. I sense you're always doing things to please everyone else, or you feel responsible for making others comfortable before yourself more often than you take care of yourself. Be kind to yourself. It's okay to be mindful of your own needs. It does not mean you're greedy and selfish. A little bit of selfish is protective and good. Make sure you're doing what your heart desires, rather than always putting your own self on the back burner. Be whole, authentic and real.

Yes, this is very true. I do put aside some time each day for self-care, but sometimes I'll put it off until late at night, then I'm too tired to really get a lot out of it. Or, I'll try to rush those times. When I do get plenty of time to do exactly what I want to do, and/or self care type things, I feel extremely guilty, because in my mind, there's so many other things for everyone else I feel like I 'should' be doing! But, time and experience has taught me, if I don't take time for myself, I'm not anywhere near as helpful to anyone else, either. Thank you :)

6. What I'm still holding on that doesn't serve me at all?
Joy (rejoicing in the present)
An interesting card to see here, as it is a very positive one.

I would say that this is advising you not to put on a happy face and be pretend happy, when you really need to just let out what you're feeling. Don't feel obligated to hang on to "put on a happy face" and have a good cry, a good venting session. Be true. Don't be fake for the sake of others' feelings.

It also tells me that things are better than they seem, even when they're darkest.

This card is very reassuring :) I practice gratitude most days, and when I do, it reinforces the same sentiment of the last paragraph here: things are better than they seem, even when they're darkest. I probably do need to vent more!

Thank you so much, this was extremely spot-on and helpful! :) Great job!


Thank you for your readings and feedback! I'll be posting my responses today. I also still need to write up your Druid Oracle health reading.