ROC Oct. 2016 - Michellehihi and Smiling


thanks for the feedback. and for the reading. I have read it but my mind is a little confused to I will wait; I want to give you coherent feedback!


Here's your reading, Michelle, using the Gateway Oracle cards and, reading intuitively, I focused more on the card images than the book meanings.

1. What should I focus more in my everyday life?
Exceeding expectations
In this card, there is a figure standing upright with arms wide open, smiling.

The woman in this card is in a position of receptivity, and her arms in this wide open position are all-embracing. What would bring more happiness would be to embrace life wholeheartedly. Perhaps lately you've been holding back a part of yourself, or keeping some part of yourself in reserve or in judgement, either of yourself or others. This says to take in what's around you , and reminds you that you are a participant.

I find it difficult to relate this card and your interpretation with my life at present, but I will keep an open mind to see if it applies in the near future.

2. What should I focus less in my everyday life?
Coming into power
In this card, a woman is standing in the sun's rays, with her arms at her side.

The woman in this card almost seems to be standing in a spotlight, so this may be confirming the previous card to focus less on self, and more on what's around you. You are already very powerful, so perhaps here the message is to share that power, or acknowledge it in others, and this way you can increase the happiness that you feel in your life.

I can understand from this card, that I am too confident in myself, and am trying to impose myself and my views to others. And I should do less of that.

3. What could I focus more in the grand scheme of things?
Renewing your life
In this card a woman is tossing a box labeled 'clutter' over a cliff.

This seems to be pretty clear! Getting rid of the baggage in your life - either literal or otherwise - would help you to clear a path to greater happiness. Perhaps there are areas of your life that you've neglected to address, and you may be already aware. This is a reminder to get going with it and, in this position, may be important to work on. It may have to do with paperwork, stuff you don't need anymore, or social ties that you have outgrown.

I have started since last year, to declutter my whole universe: my house, my destructive relationship, etc. But since then, I started buying things again, especially tarot decks and books. And it is casting a shadow on my inner peace. So I have decided, just today, to get rid of many decks (you will even find them for sale in the trading forum).

4. What should I focus less in the grand scheme of things?
Dwelling in truth
In this card, a woman's face in on view, with closed eyes, and she floats among clouds.

Here this woman seems to be in her own world, and with her eyes closed, is focused within. Perhaps what needs to be focused on less is feeling attached to your own truth. Even if you're right, there may be important information or connections that you're missing out on by not exploring other people's truths. Letting go of being right may help you to relax and bring more happiness in your life.

Very interesting card in this position. I have come to a certain understanding of life, and, as mentioned earlier, I actively try to make people adhere to my point of view. I share information that I consider important. But I have come to realise that this is not important for others, and they don't care... and I feel alone in my little corner. You are right that letting go of this could help me be happier with people.

5. What new skill would be beneficial for me?
Embracing the future

In this card, a figure walks through an open doorway.

I'm not picking up on a specific new skill here but more of a general attitude shift that may be helpful to consider. Walking through an open doorway is symbolic of fresh starts, new journeys, and exploring new horizons. Have you maybe been reluctant to see how open and vast your choices really are? This is a reminder that it's all accessible to you.

I think this could relate to my decision to make a trip to Africa next year! (and this is one of the reasons why I need to sell some decks!)

6. What I'm still holding on that doesn't serve me at all?
Making a difference

In this card, a hand is open, stretching to touch a starfish in the ocean.

This is a tricky card to connect to in this position, but looking at the star symbol in connection to the previous cards here, it may have to do with again changing the focus from self. Instead of striving to be the center, or the star, which may have served in the past, it's time to open up some new goals. Perhaps the star reference may have to do with striving towards being the best, or very good in some area of your life, or it may have to do with a focus on your view of the world.

Intuitive: the cards in response to questions having to do with where you should be focusing less both have images of one person in self-focus. So this may be saying that to move towards more happiness in your life, it's time to maybe push outside of yourself and see outside the box, considering what's new and different to you in a different way. Also there's a theme here of striving that may have served you well in the past, but now may be time to relax and let go with focusing on specific results. See what comes your way and be open to the message for you behind it. There may be happy surprises!

Hope this resonates, and looking forward to your feedback. :)

I am known as a person, to be very creative and to always try new ways to solve problems and to see life; I am very much result-oriented. I am not sure I understand why this card came in this position. the star could mean that I have to abandon hopes that I had. let go of expectations and just enjoy the moment. Yes it might be this. I have hoped and dreamed too much and it has caused me pain.
Without expectation there is no disappointment.

thank you for this reading!


Thank you for your feedback! Glad that it resonated for the most part, and happy travels to Africa :)