Rock Salt Lamps -- Safety Recall


The US Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of Rock Salt Lamps Sold by Michaels Craft Stores

Michaels Recalls Rock Salt Lamps Due to Shock and Fire Hazards
This recall involves three rock salt lamps sold under the Lumière brand. The lamps are pink in color and are mounted on a wooden base or in a black metal basket. The lamps were sold in black cardboard boxes with a photo of the lamp on the front of the box and the UPC bar code on the bottom of the box."


Only that type of rock salt lamp, I suppose?

I saw those at Michaels, but didn't buy my lamps there. My lamps are different and I got one as a gift and another at Bed, Bath & Beyond with a coupon. I have purchased some of the rock salt candle holders at Michaels though. But, I guess since those do not get plugged in, no worries.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Yes, it is only those three specific models. If you click the link you can find the exact product code for the ones that are being recalled.