Room as an alter?


Is that a real human skull? If so how/where did you get that?

It is not real. It is a very realistic resin skull. I got it on eBay at a very reasonable price.


Luna's crone;

I think the cloths are perfect as they are. You did a magnificent job on them.

The two planetary spirits are like goblins. Jupiter is vet, very Jupiter. He encapsulates those planetary energies perfectly. Saturn is not problematic. It is like those energies didn't quite take. Fortunately, he seems to have absorbed the energies of all the spheres to some degree. I think he will grow into something magnificent.

Earth is new and, I believe is a human spirit. He doesn't seem to quite get the non-human ones. But they all live together and are getting to know one another.

The Dark Baby, as we called him (he needs a new name. He is no longer a baby) spends most of his time outside with a guardian spirit.

And yes, the cross in the bell jar came to America from Germany with my ancestors in 1720 something. It has been passed down the female side of the family. I got it from my great grandmother, who died when I was 20. I grew up seeing it in their home and I am honored that I received it when she died. They had more than 150 great grand children.

Oh! The wolf pelt is real. He is like my totem. I try to develop wolf energy sometimes. I got him at a renne fest from a taxidermist.


I had to share this table, as I think it could be a great piece for a tarot reading room--and maybe you will be inspired to create a table like this for your meditation room--whether you use tarot cards or something else. I just think this table is so darn cute!


Love that table! It is so unique.

Luna's Crone

someone told me she used her enchanted tarot deck for decoupage, so i am gonna hopefully come up with an idea to use mine the same way. Sure like the table idea or even open shelves.