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Hi All!
What does the Hermit interpret in a health reading?
I have always interpreted him as a guide , as if let things roll as I am being guided towards an outcome, inner knowledge like I already know the answer but need assurance. Seeing him on top of a mountain means the situation is at a high?
I had the Hermit as the outcome card in a health reading for my Grandad. My first thought was "being guided by the light" as if his situation is being handled by the Guardian angels. But I still dont have a full understanding of the card. The hermit is a IX.
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The Hermit has traditionally been associated with Saturn, old age and illness, but also the wisdom of old age. Your grandfather can use his inner knowledge to maintain good health.

Saturn reflects the endless cycle of fathers and sons, and the tension between them as one inevitably fades to old age and is eclipsed by his son. The planet Saturn also reflects some of the qualities of old age, both positive and negative. Physical infirmities or afflictions are often associated with Saturn.


The Hermit is also associated with Virgo, which includes health under its auspices. Keywords for the card include prudence. So, to me it suggests that a person should be prudent about their health concerns. The lamp may signify that it would be prudent to look at/reveal something. Don't stay willfully ignorant of your physical condition.


re hermit

i drew the hermit for my card to day nd just went blank im trying to do my readings intuitionally un fortunatelly all i could see was the light which didnt mke any sense as i was reading the threads it dawned on me that it was talking about my health as i am unwell at the mo thankyou for your oppinions they really did help achellia


Not sure how health and the Hermit go together, but this is just my take, I see the Hermit as a symbol of attainment or quest, he represents the consciousness of the asended. He is holding up the lantern of truth for others to follow and inside the lantern is the 6 pointed star of Solomon.



Well........ the lamp he holds was originally an hourglass = the passing of time, wisdom, and of course health issues.

But if you choose to associate him with Saturn, then any health issues may result from constitutional problems that tend to emerge with passing time - or the bones (the bony structure of the body). As well as other saturnian things.......

Bee :)


i thought health readings should not be done with tarot....

and how can one card analyse the situation surroundings cards have to be checked also right.


When I look at The Hermit I think Diogenes- Wandering through town with a lantern in daylight searching for the last honest man. I see the Hermit as a skeptic in search of something true. Related to health, or anything else really, I would say the message is to seek the truth and not be blind to or remain in te dark about what you find.

Just my impressions as a newbie :)



I think your Grandfather should take some time to be silent, listen to his body, gather wisdom from his soul, alone, and then come down from the hill. The hermit warns that we can waste our deep knowledge if we hide too long.


The hermit says...

The old man in the card may refer to an experienced physician who can perform a physical checkup for your grandfather. (old=experienced) So the card just refer you to other professionalist, not go into details here.

Or it suggests him to live a simple life and be sensitive to his own body condition.(old man=your grandfather)

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