RWS Original classic back ???



Do anyone know where i find can find original deck whit classic back ? I love deeper colors of original but hate shiny white-blue back.....


The original is unfortunately very rare and quite expensive. The Pamela Coleman Smith Centennial Edition released by US Games is probably the closest modern version of the original that has been released, although it sadly does not have the original "roses and lilies" backs, although they are quite attractive nonetheless.

Le Fanu

I'm not sure I understand the OP, but what about the actual "original" deck with the classic Rose & Lilies back? Won't that do?



Do anyone know where i find can find original deck whit classic back ? I love deeper colors of original but hate shiny white-blue back.....

I agree with Le Fanu. Do you mean the decks put out in the early 1900s, which are quite rare and expensive, or do you mean the set put out by USGames titled "Original Rider Waite"? I believe those are the only two decks that have the Roses and Lilies backs.


Probably your best best is to just hunt down a 1971 US Games Rider-Waite. That's as old as you're going to get to "original" that has the tarotee back you want. And don't look for the deck actually called "Original Rider-Waite," it's not the same.

1971s aren't as common as 80s and 90s editions, but Ebay sometimes has them. You have to be able to identify the hallmarks of a '71. There's a thread in the Rider-Waite-Smith forum and a few videos on Youtube that show the differences in the boxes and the colours of the cards. Naturally, 71s are the most prized versions, so you have to act fast if you spot one, and it may go for a high price. The 80s and 90s aren't bad, if you can stand little things like the US Games copyright on the fronts of the cards.

Every new version of RWS has the new standardized font for the card titles and a shinier finish. So you won't be able to find anything "modern" that is similar to what you want.


Roses and Lilies, blue and white back on UK eBay!

If you go to eBay UK and search rider waite tarot cards you'll find a slew of the Original Rider Waite Tarot decks with the light blue and white, rose and lily backs.

Laura Borealis

I agree with Aeric, just keep an eye out on eBay. If you get a subscription, you can also keep an eye on the Trading forum here (or post "in search of" the deck you want).

Also check on That's where I got my 1971 deck and it was cheap too. Mine was actually in a boxed set called "A Special Tarot Gift Collection," put out by Signet Press. It comes with three books, Mastering the Tarot, The Tarot Revealed, and Sexual Key to the Tarot (!) I don't know how common these boxed sets are. I think rwcarter has a few of them, and might know more about availability.


Agree with all here....and sometimes

Rarely, if you check Amazon, it's amazing what you may find. I found a MINT Aquarian Tarot, PRE US GAMES for very little money. Seems someone had inherited their aunt's or great aunt's stash of decks. Looked like it had literally been tucked away very carefully. Looked like it was BRAND NEW, NEVER SHUFFLED. So while I agree with the others those places are probably your best bet, never hurts to check amazon, you may just have to check under exact title to get it to pop up, if someone has for sale there.

Laura Borealis

I mean that colors like us games original cards but tarotee back like here

Wait, I think I misunderstood.

You want colors like the deck published under the name Original Rider Waite - but with the tarotee plaid backs?

Or the original deck (as in the first deck) that US Games published? -- the 1971 printing that we've all assumed you wanted?

USG really confused things by using the name "Original" for something that isn't the original at all. :laugh: