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:) Welcome to the Sabian Symbol Oracle Study thread!

Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill.

Sun Sign: ARIES
Degree: 6
Number: 6



In Lynda Hills Book ~ The Sabian Symbols as an Oracle, Lynda describes the symbol as one which 'indicates that there may be a feeling of being contained, boxed in or trapped in a place or situation. The fact that it is 'brightly lighted on one side' shows that there is a solution and a way out.'

There is also a great exercise to try which is written in the Oracle meaning, and that is to draw a three sided square - leaving one side open. Label each side of the box with an aspect of the issue or problem that makes you feel trapped. On the fourth open side you can write the possibilities for free movement in this situation.

After receiving this Symbol once for a reading regarding 'being overcommited in many areas' it was easy to see where the problems were and what needed to be trimmed back to release me from the 'box' or 'cage' I had built up around myself. I also added a top and bottom to the square - making it a cube - I then had 6 sides to work with.

Personal example:

Box side labels:
1. Money: List of financial issues
2. Relationship: List of relationship issues and considerations
3. Emotions: Feelings and anxieties.
4. Brightly Lighted side: Possibilities and solutions ~I left this side free of words until all the other sides of the box had been written down and listed. When I thought of something which might help the situation, I listed it on this side.

Top: Dreams: Looking ahead and Goals.
Bottom: Commitments: Areas to stay Grounded and Focused.

This greatly helped sort out where i was at the time and enabled me to reorganize myself.

Elven x


A square brightly lit

Hi Elven
I love what you're doing with the study of the Symbols - great stuff!

It's interesting that the A Brightly Lighted on One Side (Aries 6) is directly after A White Triangle is Seen; It Has Golden Wings (Aries 5)... considering that the clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler didn't do these Symbols in sequence, these Symbols are so alike, yet not alike, if you know what I mean - :)

The Square and the Triangle - both with a way out of them ... it's very interesting.

I often see the Square Brightly Lit as having a window - the window leads to the solution. It's useful to note that darkness is always permeated by light, but light is not permeated by the darkness...

Just a thought

Best wishes from the other side of K


Hi Lynda :D

I was pondering on what you said about the Triangle with Golden Wings and the Square - they are alike but not the same, similar yet different.
One aspect of the triangle definately seems like its on a Spiritual level - the square to me seems very physical and earthbound. Then to see that the following symbol is 'A Man Successfully Expressing himself in Two Worlds' makes perfect sense.
This cluster of Symbols Aries 5, 6 & 7 ~ Karmic, Main & Quest ~ are a nice set!
I have a great visionary impression of the three Symbols intertwined - almost like a hologram of sorts.

Elven x


I LOVE this symbol, its my Chiron (natal) and I had no idea how to interpret it.. till I saw the night the Pope died and well - Saint Peter's square in particular with the artificial lights lit up bright on one side... it was a OHHHHHH moment the darkenss with the light, knowing there was MORE in the 'space', that it held form.. for me, it was a place of focus and light healing and spiritual 'opening'..
Ok thats hard to explain.. it was a beautiful expression of this symbol anyway :)

Dr Marc Edmund Jones says the keyword is SET
and genuine self direction...

I find people with this symbol tend to 'BOX' things, in a venus placement it is your relationships, Jupiter its money in the bank.. they wait till someone else shines the light on it before they 'see' their real worth..



Although this Sabian Symbol is under the 6 degree - the square represents a 4 - solidity, stability, foundation, material world. I relate this to what Dr Edmunds keyword of 'set' - also the Emperor in the Tarot - or the 4 of Swords: repose, rest, a time of thinking and reassesment, a change will come.

Elven x


Part of Body: Eye Socket, orbital cavity FROM SOLARFIRE


Karmic Symbol for Aries 6:
Aries 5 - A white triangle is seen; it has golden wings.

Quest Symbol for Aries 6:
Aries 7 - A man successfully expressing himself in two worlds at once.

The Opposite Symbol for Aries 6 is:
Libra 6 - A man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision.

Symbols in tension with Aries 6:
Cancer 6 - In spring game birds are feathering their nests.

Libra 6 - A man watches his ideals taking a concrete form before his inner vision.

Capricorn 6 -Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.

Sabian Symbols 72 degrees apart from Aries 6: (the Five Pointed Star)

Gemini 18 - Two chineese men talking chinese in a western crowd.

Leo 30 - An unsealed letter has vital and confidential information.

Scorpio 12 - A brilliant assembly of dignitaries at an official embassy ball.

Capricorn 24 - A woman entering a convent.


Element Galena
Discussion: Galena is a soft metallic looking mineral. Is found as shining cubes, looking like little silver squares shining on one side. The mineral is a primary source of lead. It promotes harmony and balance, and is very rounding. Remember to wash your hands after handling Galena.
I really really really see this as this symbol, it LOOKS like the symbol, its energy and spirit is compatible and the natural sheen confirmed it for me.


I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

with love


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