Sabian Symbols: Latitude Longitude Locations


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The info below gives you the techniques to calculate the Sabian Symbol for a particular location. :) This can be used to add to your readings.
Please add any other calculations and Symbols to the List!:)
... and your interpretation would be great! :)

To help find the Latitude and Longitude of a location:

The fabulous Marina has given us the address to this site which is a world wide map of L&L cross sections with pictures! Its a great site to lost on!!

Marina said:
The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location.

Astrology and geography
This is the link to the map and the site:

This is how to calculate the correct Sabian Symbol degree for a given location: As a rule, if the location's longitude is East, then just read the symbol of the next degree. For someone located in a place whose longitude is West, then the person should substract the coordinate from 360 in order to get the correct degree.

Examples of using the Sabian Symbols on the map:

East longitude - the longitude for Sydney, Australia is 151e13 - the next longitude degree is 152 - so we read the Sabian Symbol for 2 Virgo: A LARGE WHITE CROSS-DOMINATING THE LANDSCAPE-STANDS ALONE ON TOP OF A HIGH HILL.

West longitude - the longitude for Brooklyn, New York is 73w53 - so one should read the symbol for the 287th degree (360-73=287). The symbol is: A GIRL SURREPTITIOUSLY BATHING IN THE NUDE.

A couple of more examples will show you the value of this method, some places on earth were destined to become significant in a certain domain of life:

Lhasa, Tibet (91e09) - reading the 92nd symbol for 2 Cancer - A MAN ON A MAGIC CARPET OBSERVES VAST VISTAS BELOW HIM - this clearly symbolises the spirit of Tibetan Buddhists meditating on life from the altitude of the Himalaya mountains.

Jerusalem, Israel (35e) - reading the symbol for 6 Taurus - A BRIDGE BEING BUILT ACROSS A GORGE. - Jerusalem is a place where three of the main religions of the world meet (christianism, judaism, islamism). It may become in time a bridge

Hong Kong (114e09) - reading the symbol for 15 Cancer - A LEADER OF MEN WRAPPED IN AN INVISIBLE MANTLE OF POWER. - Hong Kong is an important economical and political center.

Pearl Harbour, Hawaii (157w56) - reading the symbol for 23 Libra - CHANTICLEER'S VOICE HERALDS THE RISING SUN WITH EXUBERANT TONES. - Pearl Harbour is known worldwide as the location of the Japanese surprise attack in World War II. Japan means litterally "the Land of the Rising Sun".

Easter Island, Pacific Ocean (109w29) - reading the symbol for 11 Sagittarius - THE LAMP OF PHYSICAL ENLIGHTENMENT AT THE LEFT TEMPLE. - Easter Island is renowned for the huge statues which once lined the island's shores gazing inland, archaeological remains that represent haunting reminders of the Pacific's most powerful ancient civilization.

Chichen Itza, Mexico (88w34) - reading the symbol for 2 Capricorn - THREE STAINED-GLASS WINDOWS IN A GOTHIC CHURCH, ONE DAMAGED BY WAR. - Chichen Itza is a sacred city of the Maya civilization (around 10th century A.D.), later abandoned after the invasion of the Toltecs.

Taj Mahal, India (78e01) - reading the symbol for 19 Gemini - A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM.

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Great start!

Yes I have to admit this is one of my favourite reference tools, to look up WHERE someone was born and compare it to where they are living - and if that symbol is actually in their natal charts..

Canberra is Leo 30 An unsealed letter had vital and confidential information...
Canberra is the capital city of Australia.. Messages, letters, intentions written down, declarations..... hmm YES! pretty obvious..

My husband proposed to me at the Taj Mahal Taj Mahal, India 19 Gemini - A LARGE ARCHAIC VOLUME REVEALS A TRADITIONAL WISDOM,
Ross has that symbol in his pluto quintile - transformation in aplace of wisdom... ;)

The more I look the more I see!




Thank you Elven for the links!!



Mcsea said:
Canberra is Leo 30 An unsealed letter had vital and confidential information...
Canberra is the capital city of Australia.. Messages, letters, intentions written down, declarations..... hmm YES! pretty obvious..

Canberras Symbol is so apt! That is very interesting - I think it is better than some symbols that it could have been, but I get the feeling also that the Symbol explains something that I can t quite put my finger on about it. I'll have a think and see what comes up!

Thanks MCsea!!

Many Blessings
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Dr Jones says about Leo 30 the keyword is confidence, when positive the degree is exceptional skill in winning nad holding the respect of everybody, and when negative a genius for indiscreetness... hmmm CANBERRA!

I find the more I look at the place symbols the more they make sense.. amazing sense, both modern cities and ancient ones...

I must get more time to comment on this.. and read all the other posts too..

just had a cold - for what seems like an eternity!

take good care



Canberra - after a bit more thought I think its my impression that the unsealed letter can give the idea that it is closed, but is accesible, depending on the way the envelope is held, and who is looking.
Hmm I still dont have the 'gut' feeling to explain the Symbol though - still searching!!

On another note..

I was looking at towns of Australia:

Brisbane: 27s28,153e02
Virgo 4: Black and White Children playing together.

Melbourne: 37s49,144e58
Leo 25: A camel crossins a vast and forbidding desert.

Darwin: 12s28,130e50
Leo 11: Children on a swing in the safety of a huge oak tree.

Alice Springs: 23s42,133e53
Leo 14: Cherub-like, A human soul whispers into every receptive ear, seeking to manifest.

Sydney: 33s52,151e13
Virgo 2: A large white cross, dominating the landscape, stands alone on top of a high hill.

I'll be back with some interpretations! :D

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Virgo 2: A large white cross, dominating the landscape, stands alone on top of a high hill.

This I think is in reference to the city in comparison to the rest of the capital cities of the states in Australia.
The symbol represents suffering, loss, hope and salvation. I see this as the convicts which were brought here during settlement. It was paramount that they succeeding in making something of this land for they were so far from home and that this was there only hope, their salvation - the Cross - The Symbol of the Cross also represents uniting for a common cause and inspiration.
Any other thoughts about the Sydney Symbol?

Elven x


Hi Elven
I think this degree might also reflect the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge - both of these constructs dominate the landscape and are always featured on postcards, etc.

Your thoughts on the convicts sounds completely spot on to me!

Greetings from Chicago


Absolutely Lynda - I thought of these two 'Symbols' of the harbour as I was writing it. I agree. Even the opening to the heads are Symbolic of the 'Hills' and the Huge old Monastery on the Manly beach side - That huge old sandstone building is such a land mark, and one of the biggest buildings you see coming into Sydney.
'The Cross on the Hill'

Thanks for the confirmation! :)

Elven x


Hey there,

Sorry I have been away for sooo long STILL SICK
and NOW I dont even have a VOICE - so typing is GREAT!

I love the Sydney chat - yes I see it, also I see Sydney as the landmark for Australia, like the cross is a suggestion of a sign post...

Canberra - the envelope - all neat and clean too.. white collar white envelope... and comunication.....

Melbourne, CULTURE! I always see the camel symbol as the finest of the Arabian nights and Melbourne has that!!