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Finding Elsie

Hi Elven

I agree with you about Elsie, I think she definitely encountered loss in so many ways in her life. For a start, being confined to a wheelchair from the age of 3 and in a 'Home for the Incurable' (yes, it was called that!) in St. Louis from around 1900 to 1920 (she was some 12 years old when she went in there) would preclude her from having many kinds of relationships. She was in that home with many people who were either much older than her or handicapped.

Check out the Finding Elsie Wheeler thread and you'll see a new piece I've just put up....

And, yes, Elven, I think you're so connected to the Symbols that Elsie was probably giving you a little sign through the agency of your candle!

Greetings from Avalon (I'm back in Oz)