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Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill :)

Sun Sign: ARIES
Degree: 13
Number: 13



Dr Jones Keyword - impertuousness, and is about survival of good and the capacity of the world to 'swallow up' or nullify mans impact.

Solarfire Part of Body: Ventricles of brain

This symbol has an interesting history - for example the bomb of Hiroshima: August 6, 1945, 8:16 AM JST, Hiroshima, Japan. Ascendant at 17.54 Virgo, antiscion degree 13 Aries: A BOMB WHICH FAILED TO EXPLODE IS NOW SAFELY CONCEALED. I did some searching and YES it is true - I found that the bomb actually only exploded about 2/10ths its 'power' if it was 'wired' up differently it could have been much more powerful - ALSO there were plans for more bombs but they only dropped 2...

Libra 15 Children blowing soap bubbles is the opposite symbol - very visually the same isnt it..


Other related Symbols for Aries degree 13.

The Symbol before this one (Karmic Influence) is:
Aries 12: A flock of wild geese.


and the Symbol following it (Quest) is:
Aries 14 - A serpent coiling near a man and a woman.


The Symbol opposite this (opposing influence) is:
Libra 13 - Children blowing soap bubbles.


The 4 Symbols in tension with Aries 13 is:

Cancer degree 13:
A hand, which is held out receptively, is remarkable for the suggestion of character in its prominent thumb.

Libra degree 13:
Children blowing soap bubbles.

Capricorn degree 13:
A fire worshipper meditates on the ultimate realities of existance.


Symbols which are 60 degree apart from Aries 13 are:

Gemini degree 13:
A world famous pianist giving a concert performance.

Leo degree 13:
An ols sea captain rocking on the porch of his cottage.

Libra degree 13:
Children blowing soap bubbles.

Sagittarius degree 13:
A widows past is brought to light.

Aquarius dgree 13:
A barometer.


The 5 Pointed Star - Symbols which are 72 degree apart from Aries 13 are:

Gemini degree 25:
A gardener trimming large palm trees.

Virgo degree 7:
A harem.

Scorpio degree 19:
A parrot listening and then talking, repeats a conversation he has overheard.

Aquarius 1:
An old adobe mission in California.


Aries 13
Symbol An unsuccessful bomb explosion
Key Word Impetuousness
Numerology 13
Element Sodalite
Discussion Sodalite is a royal blue sodium bearing mineral widely used as an ornamental stone. Sodalite is used to clear the mind, clears old patterns, clears guilt and fear, helps connect thoughts to feelings and it is grounding for people who over-react. The colour is a higher chakra colour, and opens – expands the crown and third eye. Looking at this clearing expanding energy I saw the bomb as the ‘fast’ way to clear – stuff – and sodalite the healing way to, so in a way this stone is a compliment to the symbol, that it aids in diffusing the bomb so to speak..


I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

with love


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Aries at it's most flammable................with the potential for disaster and destruction if the bomb explodes.

The 'hot head'..........quick temper, not thinking before acting or speaking, nor taking into consideration the consequences.

The desire to explode has been restrained or controlled..........maybe repressed. Disaster has been averted but the danger is still there and will be until the bomb has been defused.

I made my image last week after an incident when I almost 'exploded' but didn't. I was feeling quite pleased with my self control until I realised as I was cutting and pasting that my feelings needed to be expressed...........the bomb had to be defused ...........but there were quieter and more controlled ways of doing it than just pulling the pin.

I also discovered that the emotions I thought I wanted to express were different from what I was portraying in the underlying cause I didn't know existed.


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Ohh my gosh!! These pictures are fantastic purple_scorp and mooncat2!!!

A huge bomb just went off in me and it wasn't in anyway destructive, it was one of joy! Someone's given me a STAR!!!! Ohh gosh, I emailed Solandia, so I could thank who was so kind and gracious.......if this is world has just expanded!!!!

Ohh imagine a bomb, or fired bolt, being hurled in our direction, some of us would fall down in a panic, others would stand their ground, some would shriek in protest. Then.....anticipating the worst, it disappears somehow, someway in the undergrowth.

The person in mooncat2's picture, resonates many thoughts and feelings in me. With all that is in the picture, she has a strong will and I'm sure if need be a very strong and forceful voice!! One thing I do respect about Arians, is they have really strong beliefs that everything will work out all right in the end. I think this is what purple_scorp may be conveying in this picture.

mooncat2, has this woman found a quiet spot to reflect on what just happened and is planning her next step? Is she in tune with the natural rhythms of life, which calms the beasts and curbs our sometimes wild tongues!!! Is this a time we are to look at who we are on the inside, ""trying"" to correct errors (diffuse the bomb) in our attitudes??

Is this someone who has survived by their wits!! ooh I know that one!!

purple_scorp, could the protective band around the area of land in your picture be a spell or our guides that protects us from harm? Self discipline and courage....

Hmm so many thoughts, so many questions for so early in the morning!! This is wonderful!!

tink :love:


You sure deserve that
I am sure it opens many wonderful doors for you




Hey tink,

welcome to the "other" side. I'm sure you'll love it here (there).

From mooncat's picture, I get a sense of structure - after all, there is a woman standing there, wielding a big stick. But, the other woman is saying....nup, not playing your game, I have my own agenda here and I'm going to roar like that cat at the front to prove it.

In my photo too, there is a sense of the structure (with the white banding to cordon off the area). Are we (people) being kept away from the danger? Or is it more like that we are keeping oursElves away from oursElves? For, wasn't it a person that put the bomb there in the first place?

To hide a bomb, on the top of a hill, may seem ludicrous as it's right up there - on the top. Surely, people would see it. But, not everybody makes that journey up the hill.....some prefer to stay at the comfort/security level of the base. I kind of liken that to spirituality. Some people are closed-minded and don't want to know what's out there. Whereas, other souls continue on their quest for enlightenment and will continue to climb, until everything has been revealed. Nothing is hidden.

So, I guess if you are using that metaphor, then yes, the white band could be seen as a protection for those that are brave enough to face it.

with love


purple_scorp said:
Hey tink,

welcome to the "other" side. I'm sure you'll love it here (there).

Thank you purple_scorp!! I was up until the wee hours last night. (giggle) I couldn't get up this morning!! It's supposed to rain most of this weekend, a good time to get acquainted there and explore!!!

Ohhh purple_scorp, I just had a flash, a thought, an idea on your picture! What if the ribbon (white band) seen here is also a caution, telling using us to forestall any big decisions until the way is made clear? What if it is signifying something like 'the forces of change'?

tink :love: