Sabian Symbols Study Group: Aries Degree 13 - #13


mooncat2 said:
Aries at it's most flammable................with the potential for disaster and destruction if the bomb explodes.

The 'hot head'..........quick temper, not thinking before acting or speaking, nor taking into consideration the consequences.

The desire to explode has been restrained or controlled..........maybe repressed. Disaster has been averted but the danger is still there and will be until the bomb has been defused.

I made my image last week after an incident when I almost 'exploded' but didn't. I was feeling quite pleased with my self control until I realised as I was cutting and pasting that my feelings needed to be expressed...........the bomb had to be defused ...........but there were quieter and more controlled ways of doing it than just pulling the pin.

I also discovered that the emotions I thought I wanted to express were different from what I was portraying in the underlying cause I didn't know existed.

(giggle) I just had a thought.....verbal spite backed by a very active brain! Words can definitely sting!!

What I see in this symbol, for me, is a lot of compressed hurt and anger. Since doing the Sabian Symbols, I can definitely see changes happening within and outside of me. What I used to love but buried deep within is starting to blossom again.

Looking within I am seeing that problems past and present in my outer world are infact a magnification of problems within.

I'm slowly coming out of my shell!! And by god, I love it!!!

tink :love:

p.s. I'm going to buy some art paper this weekend, and doodle a little bit. I can't thank you all enough for your creative definitely is making an effect on me!!!


Hey tink,

yep, I can see that could apply. I guess if you think about any border, like a Police cordoned off section, it is only a temporary measure until they collect their evidence etc.

So, it could be like a holding bay - until the change has come.

with love


:) That cordoned off area really says such a lot when I think about it........and the top of the hill.

The ability to look at an issue from a higher or broader 'cordon off' hasty reactions and see clearly.
This could be a person who has the leadership qualities of Aries.......the ability to defuse.

So, it could be like a holding bay - until the change has come.

I've been thinking of a bomb as a destructive force but as a force for change it can clear the way for new growth..............what it's blowing away may need just that. We have a saying ' She needs a bomb put under her'.........a motivating force to move.
Is this a time we are to look at who we are on the inside, ""trying"" to correct errors (diffuse the bomb) in our attitudes??
What I see in this symbol, for me, is a lot of compressed hurt and anger.
Yes, I think so........certainly is for me.........that is what I saw too,sadly.


Aries 13, Card 13

Hmmm random musings,

Bomb …… to blow up, detonate, a cataclysmic force … to destroy …… to bring down …. For either good or bad … to clear, remove debris … or pollute, ruin, kill.

*Forceful change or force of change*

Failed to explode - failure, no detonation, no explosion ……. Yet the ingredients are still there …… just the spark that's needed is missing.

Safely hidden ….. Does this speak of safety from detonation … or detection? Obviously it's not where one can see it …… pushed down, squashed, covered …… a false front perhaps.

Discovery ……. Feeling of benefit, as if discovery will lead to *truth*.

When I look at this in terms of the *self* I wonder, why the need to hide ….. What don't we want to see, or others to see in us? What is wrong in letting the bomb detonate?

When a bomb is found, the Army will be called in .. They evacuate the area ….. To ensure that there are no needless fatalities/injuries. They examine, discuss and decide what to do. They either safely detonate the bomb or *make it safe* so it can't explode.

So why the need here to hide it? No mention of making it safe …. Feels sneaky .. As if there's a part of the self that is *shameful* …….. When in denial the ego needs to be exploded, cleansed ….. If you like to have the tower brought down so as to cleanse and tear the crap away ….. Then death can occur ……….. Again the clearing away, cutting the ties of the old, severing …… so as to be able to start afresh ……. And rebuild.

Also the thought of secreting away ……. Value …. Saving for a rainy day. What are you hiding away that will need to be brought out eventually?

The number 13 - that of Death ……. Fixed and stagnant water …… hot hot fire if released …… yet here it's squashed ……. Where is that fire going and what’s it doing, how is it feeding to stay alive ……. What will it take to uncover it?

The word *impetuousness* makes me think of rashness, being hotheaded ……. Impulsive ….. Flaring up in an instant. A hard strong energetic determination that when allowed to be released, you don't want to get in the way of.

Hmmmmm …….. 1 and 3 …… the beginning and the imprint …… = 4 structure and stability ….. 13 being the shadow of 4 ……..

Wondering how the sodalite plays in here too …… helps to channel and open up ……. Used in the third eye chakra (I think someone said crown as well) …… the colour of deep blue …. But with sparkles ……. Hidden flashes perhaps?

I AM the part of you which is too dangerous to be seen.

I AM running scared.

I AM the hidden wild man.


MCsea said:
Solarfire Part of Body: Ventricles of brain
What are the ventricles responsible for?


Compliments of via google:

Definition of Ventricle, brain

Ventricle, brain: One of a system of four communicating cavities within the brain that are continuous with the central canal of the spinal cord.

The four ventricles consist of the two lateral ventricles, the third ventricle and the fourth ventricle:

Lateral ventricles: The lateral ventricles are in the cerebral hemispheres.

Each lateral ventricle consists of a triangular central body and four horns. The lateral ventricles communicate with the third ventricle through what is called the interventricular foramen (opening).

The third ventricle is a median (midline) cavity in the brain that is bounded by the thalamus and hypothalamus on either side. Anteriorly (in front) the third ventricle communicates with the lateral ventricles and posteriorly (in back) the third ventricle communicates with what is called the aqueduct of the midbrain (or the aqueduct of Sylvius).

The fourth ventricle is the most inferior (lowest) of the four ventricles of the brain. It extends from the aqueduct of the midbrain to the central canal of the upper end of the spinal cord with which it communicates by the two foramina (openings) of Luschka and the foramen (opening) of Magendie.

The ventricles are filled with cerebrospinal fluid, which is formed by structures called choroid plexuses located in the walls and roofs of the ventricles.

with love


Hmmmm another thought, it *failed* to go off ....... denotes intended detonation ....... an attempt ....... and when that failed ....... needed to be hushed up ....... get a kinda thought/image of a balloon expanding ....... and then suddenly deflating in case it was seen by anyone.


Thanks PS ..... I'm afraid I have no knowledge of stuff like this, and find it very hard going to absorb as well (you can tell I didn't take biology at school ;)).

So I was wondering what they actually *do* ......

The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is produced by filtration from blood capillaries located in tissue known as the choroid plexus which lines the ventricles. Filtration forces water, electrolytes, and nutrients out of the blood. These substances are then processed by the ependymal cells which release them into the cerebrospinal fluid. At the same time waste products are removed from the CSF and released into the blood. The cerebrospinal fluid circulates between the ventricles and into the spinal canal. It also enters the subarachnoid and subdural spaces through apertures near the fourth ventricle (see Figure 12.24). It therefore also bathes the brain and spinal cord providing buoyancy. Eventually it must be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and this occurs at pockets of arachnoid tissue which invaginate into a large vein called the superior sagittal sinus. These pockets are called the arachnoid granulations or arachnoid villi and allow the fluid to move into the veins by osmosis and a pressure gradient produced by lower pressure in the vein. The absorption must occur at the same rate as production of CSF in order to prevent an imbalance. If absorption is insufficient it causes a condition known as hydrocephaly, "water on the brain". This condition usually shows up in early childhood and can damage the brain and lead to abnormal development. It is usually corrected surgically with a shunt, a small tube which drains fluid from the meninges and short circuits it into a nearby vein.

So I'm taking it that the ventricles allow all this fluid to swarm round, nourishing, nurturing the brain ........ allowing for the many areas to develop ...... now I'm just trying to work out how that links in to the title of the symbol ......... tries to ram more information through thick skull


Maybe this site will help you a little more huredriel....

the ventricular system, which is a vast, complex reservoir of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) bathing that surrounds and bathes the entire central nervous system (refer to Figure 2). CSF is produced by the Choroid Plexus, a thin sheet of tissue found only in each of the four ventricles that comprise this large system of cisterns and reservoirs. CSF prevents the brain, weighing approximately 1500 grams in an adult, from collapsing upon itself as well as from harm due to impact or injury. The brain floats effortlessly within the CSF much as a fetus dwells within the amniotic fluid of its mother’s womb. Similarly, the planets, stars and galaxies also seem to float in space and Universe. Humanity is but one strand in the vast tapestry of existence, eternally immersed in the underground stream of existence (giggle, here's mooncat2's Well) from which we come, and to which we one day must return.

The brain is 'imprisoned' and protected within the darkness of our skull (perhaps another word for the cave as related by Plato). Aries rules the head, and it is our brain that uses our senses and our motor systems to reach out and explore.

In case you don't know Plato's cave, he described a group of people who were chained in such a way in a cave that prevented them from looking out....which forced them to look inward at the cave's back wall. A large Fire burned outside the mouth of the cave and whenever anyone passed by the fire and the cave it created shadows on the black wall.....which in turn gave the cave people information from what was unseen on the outside.

The cave didn't have the colorful three dimensional variety we usually have, it only had the colors of black and white. But the cave people became quite adept at reading these shadows and devloped a deeper meaning to their limited perspectives.

Think of Plato's cave as our skull and our sense organs as the fire at the entrance which sends shaows outisde the world in the networks of our brain.

Does all this help a bit?

tink :love:


Tink, that's fantastic thanks ....... more to mull over ;) ....... you lot certainly are giving my brain some stretching exercises ...... I don't think it's worked so hard for a long time :D