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The Sabian Symbol Study group is to study and discuss the symbols.

Please make sure, before starting a new thread within this group, to check out this index to see if the symbol has not already been discussed. If you find it linked here already, please rather add to the existing thread than starting a new one.

All readings (including daily draws and exchanges) should take place over in Oracle Readings.

Here are some suggestions as to things that you could post in this section.

  • The Meanings and Interpretations of the Sabian Symbols.
  • Your own Impressions of the Symbols.
  • Ways of making your own Symbols.
  • The Astrological Aspect - The Oracle Aspect.
  • How do you choose your Symbols.
  • Spread designs and Layouts.
  • Symbols and predictions.

If you don't have a set of Symbols you can choose one from here:

Sabian Symbols: An introduction for the Inquisitive

Sabian Symbols: Interpretation help; Post here for help with interpreting your reading.

Sabian Symbols List; Ordered list of all the Sabian Symbols

Sabian Symbols: Birth Charts
Sabian Symbols: Astrology; Current lunar and planetary positions.
Sabian Symbol Inspired!!! Fun thread! Make up your own symbols.
Sabian Symbols: How do you select your symbols?
Sabian Symbols: Making your own symbols
Sabian Symbols: The Cards
Sabian Symbols: Correspondences: Decanates and Tarot
Sabian Symbols: The Five-Pointed Star
Sabian Symbols: Feng Shui and other uses
Sabian Symbols: Finding Elsie Wheeler
Sabian Symbols: History, Info and Articles
How Sabian Symbols work
Numerical Order 1 - 360
Sabian Symbols: The 'New Moons' for 2005
Sabian Symbols: Latitude Longitude Locations
Sabian Symbols 2012
Sabian Symbols & Yi Jing-I Ching: Choose a Symbol!
New Sabian Symbols Website
Sabian Symbols ~ Your Name-Numerology-Methods of Calculations.
Sabians and Crystals (draft)
Sabian Symbols and body parts list

Daily/Weekly Draws are now housed in Oracle Readings. For easy referencing, here are the links:

Sabian Symbols Daily Draws
Sabian Symbols: Weekly Draws
Sabian Symbols: Draws (other than daily or weekly)
Sabian Symbols: Draws (Other than daily or weekly)
Sabian Symbols: Draws (Other than daily or weekly) (2)


Here is an Index of other existing study threads - please feel free to add to them rather than starting a new one...