Sabian Symbols Study Group: Leo 19 - #139


:) Welcome to the Sabian Symbol Oracle Study thread!

Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill

Sun Sign: LEO
Degree: 19
Number: 139



I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

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As always, purple_scorp, love the image you’ve created for this symbol. Your boat is docked, divided between land and water….a transition perhaps, a division between two parts….where strange currents and unsuspected truths silently stir. The consciousness displaced, in the Spirit of the Water.

Not in extremes, alcohol spirits help us spin out of ourselves to be with others. We’re still in control of our senses….of the me inside and the you out there. We’re very adaptable and open to the depth and breadth of new ideas…and even releasing old beliefs that once served us well.

Revelers in the dictionary are noted for their love of alcohol, they’re emotional, noisy and at times amusing and entertaining. They love parties. In this symbol, I get the feeling of an effortless flow of feelings and emotions, of upliftment, even chaos and confusion. Hopefully, this boat is docked…but even then, below the deck, the boat will rock and sway as the waves rise and fall. Some in their drunken state will topple over backwards…..even into one another. Intoxicated, they forget any doubts or questions. Whatever thoughts and feelings they’ve concealed, or kept locked up within themselves, pours out freely…..moved by forces from within…..a temporary loss of control. Oh oh, did they offend anyone? Revelers can get out of hand and soon we’ll be hearing the gossip and malicious rumors. Words aren’t minced here, they go right to the heart of the matter.

The water is our emotions, our unconscious, our Spirit. The boat, the current movement of our ego? But what of its lower deck…..does it look cluttered? Do you run a tight ship or is someone running it for you? Before we can move on we must be free of all illusions. We use up a great deal of energy pleasing others and falling into the trap of behaving as we have been told we should, rather than finding out our authentic self. Many of us choose the path of illusion in order to stop the continual flow of negative input from the outside world. All information we deem as ‘not us’ is denied or twisted around and ignored.. But when we drink, we for a time annihilate our egos. What we have been hiding (good or bad) from friends, partners, companions, ourselves, flows out unceasingly. And, (objectively, reflectively) vice versa. Our boat needs to surrender from time to time and flow freely with the Spirits of the Water.

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Leo 19
Birthdays: August 10th–12th
Numerology: 139
Sabian Symbol: A houseboat party
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Congeniality
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Ventricular septum
Crystal Element: Green Apatite
Expression: Apatite is a name for a group of phosphate minerals. Apatite promotes strength of character, and rapport within groups.
Message: Compatibility, friendship and happiness.
Sun Focus: Spending quality time with happy, friendly people is fulfilling; enjoy cruising through life.
Affirmation: I take pleasure in life by having fun.