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Sun Sign: LEO
Degree: 2
Number: 122



Jones Key Word: Infection

Jane Ridder-Patrick : Aorta

Crystal : Herderite Herderite is a thermoluminescent phosphate mineral, naturally yellow or pale blue. Herderite dissipates emotional discomfort and acts as a conduit to inter-dimensional communication.

Oh well I see proliferation as a key here - briefly its sharing - maybe too much 'infection' is sort of sharing - stuff others may not want - again another 'head' symbol swollen jaws and pain... alot of people suffering together - reminds me of poverty in the third world - too sad - and preventable...

There is a focus on healing and remedies too.



Zowie! The word epidemic jumped right off the page at me! What is an epidemic? “Affecting at the same time a large number of persons in a locality and spreading from person to person.” (My very used dictionary has no cover apologies for not naming it)

Metaphorically an epidemic is a victim and global consciousness shared on a collective level. It relates to stress, anxieties, and social and personal insecurities….and 'everyone' is plugged into it. An epidemic to me, represents inherited principles, ideas, or forces we adopted from our tribes, our cultures, our religions etc., which we need to come to terms with...otherwise they will limit, confine and imprison us.

Mumps is a contagious disease, a virus that is easily transmitted from person to person. It swells around our salivary glands and especially those around the jaw. Catching mumps as children, we form an 'immunity' a support system against it. But if we catch it after puberty, it can affect the ovaries and testes in an older person….it can cause sterility!! Metaphysically I see sterility as being unable to pro-create, we are unable to bring something of ourselves into being. We are displaced and not in touch with our own senses.

Most people see viral infections as something that exists outside of us and is independent of our control. That’s probably why we talk about ‘catching’ a cold, the flu, mumps, etc….And because it exists outside of us we give it Power. Usually we’re not even conscious of the fact that we’ve invested our spirit, attitudes and beliefs in it! Most of you might say, ‘oh no I broke away from those beliefs a long time ago’, but in truth we’ve only just begun.

Usually we are catapulted out of an epidemic situation at sometime in our lives. When we are, we are forced to take command of our thoughts and emotions……we have to begin ruling our own life our own world to survive…..and when we do we drive out the limitations we’ve inherited or acquired and we begin consciously to free ourselves of the past. When we do, patterns are broken, chains suddenly break and fall free. We feel the dynamic call and power of our spirit…..a personal discovery of what we know as the Word.



Body part, the Aorta

The picture here will give you the circulation channel of how the blood courses through the abdominal and thoracic aorta. Our blood circulates in a double circuit….the left atrium of the heart contracts so that blood flows past the valves into the aorta then into the arteries, capillaries and many tissues throughout the body. From the tissues the blood return via the capillaries and returns through the right atrium of the heart.

Intuitively, I see what many have called the microcosmic orbit or what is known as the Great Heavenly Cycle. And it is here we see the dualities that exist within us…if the energy moves freely, our inner and outer thoughts and Words come together increasing and directing the flow of energy through our bodies. If we are free of doubts and fears, this energy will carry us through the toughest of life’s trials and tribulations.

But if we succumb to our fears, our blood and all our bodily systems slow down, our bodies lack nourishment and our insides can take on the appearance of a stagnant swamp. Our blood thickens, our cholesterol rises, our hearts pump faster and our bodies slow down. We become limited, and inhibited from the belief in ourselves! Life becomes a constant struggle….great effort is expended to create our desires but somehow they always seem to elude us.

Why? Because our strength our energy is constantly being drained into needless channels. To overcome it, we need to change our level of consciousness and it takes work, hard work to develop our full potential. We’re going to see that in the forthcoming symbols!!!!

An incredible journey!!!



I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

with love


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Leo 2
Birthdays: July 23rd–25th
Numerology: 122
Sabian Symbol: An epidemic of mumps
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Infection
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Aorta
Crystal Element: Green Spinel
Expression: Green Spinel is a magnesium-rich gemstone. Green Spinel dissipates emotional discomfort and acts as a conduit to inter-dimensional communication.
Message: Transmit, alter, alleviate, and focus on healing.
Sun Focus: You consciously relate to other people’s pain with empathy; you provide sound, helpful, practical advice.
Affirmation: I proliferate empathy as a remedy to help others.