Sabian Symbols Study Group: Scorpio 8 - #218


I don't know where to start in replying to your post, MaineGirl117. Firstly, thanks for your insight. This is a bit like having a reading done. Apologies for not getting back to you. Going through a major shift and don't even know what day it is. Can look back on this now with hindsight and make some intelligent comments.

For you with your solar chart Scorpio in 1st, it's the breaking of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one - one that will possibly be with you for quite some time.

The breaking of an old cycle. I was bullied in my previous two jobs. I am hoping the cycle is the breaking of the bullying in the workplace. I was also bullied and betrayed in my previous relationship (partner number 3), and betrayed in the two before that. I hope that it is also the breaking of the relationship cycle. BTW, a psychic told me years ago, when I was with partner number 2, that I would have three successive difficult relationships. I knew at the time he was relationship number 2 which meant I still had one more difficult relationship to get through. Joy oh joy.

Venus brings wealth, luxury items and love after a long hard uphill struggle (Saturn). The full moon is in your 5th house of love, could be a new love interest or a new level to love.

My new job is awesome. My colleagues are so supportive. The wealth could be an increase in salary.

I have a new love interest (partner number 4) and a new level of love as this man was also betrayed (we have that in common).....destiny perhaps (see below).

You weren't kidding about the long, hard uphill struggle. Still have a business with partner number 3. Unbelievably toxic. Have told him I want to sell.

I don't know where your north node is located in your chart, but Saturn locks in and grounds the potential for this destiny to manifest, and Venus provides the resources (whatever they may be).

I was told some years ago by a healer that I was not meant to be with my partner number 3 (good that the psychics and healers were giving me the heads up along the way, lol). She said there was a man out there, much kinder, much nicer to my children, who had come from a similar background to me. That is definitely this new guy (partner number 4) I have been seeing for five months.

There's also this element of truths being revealed with Pisces full moon - which makes this particular sabian sign significant. Either the truth might be written all over your face or on the face of another - either way, you'll be able to see right through the glamour/veil if you trust your intuition.

I'm thinking the truth is with regard to partner number 3. He is a charmer and pulls the wool (veil) over a lot of people's eyes. He did this when he broke up with his ex-wife (pre me). He told people she was a bully and aggressive. Now he's saying I am. I KNOW I am not, and it makes me wonder if he just told lies about her too.

Thanks MaineGirl117, very interesting.

with love