Sabian Symbols Study Group: Taurus Degree 10 - #40


As far as the reference towards empathic abilities, I would have to agree with this as well. It's been quite a struggle for me to understand this ability and it's function, but also to build protective walls so as not to be overwhelmed by others. As a Taurus, it has become very important for me to meditate daily to ground myself so I don't get swept away by other's emotions. The ability to transmute emotional pain began with my own personal experiences. A wounded nurse is no good to other's if she is injured herself. But I also think that's her strength. She can empathize/sympathize with her patient because she understands not only the "wound", but how it affects everything else in the body as well.

In this respect, and in my case I think, this symbol speaks a lot to me about not being as "indoctornated" by traditional medicine. Doctors have formal education to get the "dr" title, but a *soul nurse* can draw on other therapies like Reikie and Herbs - alternative medicine.

Wow, you just described me here Lol..I also have my sun in Taurus so I know what you mean, one of our lovely traits is to put other peoples needs before our own....I know I probably do that too much.

But this degree is actually where my Chiron is and about two to three years ago I went to a clairvoyant tarot reader who also read my palms and when she looked at my palms she told me that I was a healer. She said that I should try pranic healing or crystal healing. To see the wounded healer here for me is so symbolic as I have had many struggles with mental/emotional problems and would love in the future to work with helping people that have suffered through the same things I have.

Chiron is also in my tenth house so hopefully I do head in that direction but like you said you need to know how to help yourself before you can even think of helping other people.

I'm still new to sabian symbols so am also trying to figure out how to properly understand how to read the five pointed star...I think it has something to do with a sequence of events on your life path....yeah really not sure.