Sabian Symbols Study Group: Virgo 9 - #159


:) Welcome to the Sabian Symbol Oracle Study thread!

Please feel free to discuss the Sabian Symbol in this thread, and to ask questions or, explore any aspect of the many interpretions the Symbol holds. Please add your own observations and interpretations too!! The Symbol used in this heading is by Lynda Hill

Sun Sign: VIRGO
Degree: 9
Number: 159



I thought it would be good to use the Orphalese software to record my daily sabian symbol readings and so set about looking for appropriate images to convey the meaning of each card.

Attached is what I came up with for this symbol.

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I'm still thinking about this one...........

We’ve all been in that state where we are between sleeping and waking and as we slowly open our eyes we remember the whole image, the whole dream and quickly with pen/pencil and paper write or draw what we saw in our vision.

Vincent van Gough painted ‘The Starry Night’ just like one of these dreams. The radiant and mystical view of the heavens was indeed an unearthly vision which he portrayed on canvas. Purple_scorp's image definitely helped me to see this more clearly.

But usually these premonitions come when we’ve been struggling with an idea or concept which we stubbornly adhere to but with no clear images or signs. Frustration sets in, we throw down our pens our palettes and walk away in a huff. Ohh I’ve been there. And as long as I hold on tightly to what ‘I want’ I’m stuck in a frozen moment of time. This is when I’ve got to back away from my problem, take a walk, rest, clear the dishes, eat chocolate…..anything to turn my attention into another direction. It is said that when this happens, images in the unconscious shift and realign themselves. And it’s when we surrender and consciously let go of our problem, that ideas can start to come suddenly and unexpectedly. Or, we find ourselves dreaming them.

In psychology, we learnt there are three stages to the creative act.

1. Preparation
2. Incubation
3. illumination
4. verification or revision

Four is the final stage where we work hard at the details and crystallize them into a form or structure. It’s a stage of effort and skill….and to get there we had to focus and work hard to get through 1, 2, and 3! Ugh!

If we look at the symbol of the little girl and her first dancing lesson, we can assume that she had unconsciously imagined and stored streams of images of how she’d like to dance in the future. This could be from watching Reality TV, going to plays or even a gift she brought with her in this lifetime. It’s up to her now to join and combine the past and the present to form an entirely new image….the future. Sometimes all this happens without us even knowing it……but at some point our creativity, our emotions will allow them to surface…..catching our attention. We complete this vision by giving it form.

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tink27 said:
I'm still thinking about this one...........
I thought this was because my image may have confused you .....but tink, then you wrote this:

tink27 said:
Purple_scorp's image definitely helped me to see this more clearly.
This was a hard image to create/find because I don't really know enough about expressionist art. So, I concentrated on the futuristic aspect of the symbol instead.

Funny enough, as I hit the quote button to reply to your post, I was also reading my emails in another browser and I just opened this (today's scope for Scorp):

"Re-evaluate goals and look at long-term commitments with a judicious eye. The stars want you to think about the life you imagined and the life you're living. Do you need to revamp anything?"

Funny because, it ties in with your story of the girl (fantasising if you will, about her future and dancing).

Over fifteen years ago, my boyfriend at the time (who I later married and have since divorced) sat me down to make a five/ten/fifteen year plan. I hated every moment of it, because I felt that he was forcing me to see my future through his eyes. I don't know that we can truly own it, unless it is both in our head and our heart.

Interestingly, I wrote that in fifteen years time from then, I wanted to be living in a three-bedroom house with a tennis court. (And, that's exactly what I have now!)

Am going to an NLP conference this weekend to hone in on personal development and goal-setting etc. Should be very interesting.

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I think art is very healing it helps us express or view things with little regret and lots of judgement ;)

Virgo 9
Birthdays: August 31st–September 2nd
Numerology: 159
Sabian Symbol: A man making a futurist drawing
Marc Edmund Jones Key Word: Experiment
Jane Ridder-Patrick Healing Body Point: Right hepatic lobe
Crystal Element: Turritella Agate
Expression: Turritella Agate is a silicified, fossiliferous rock of freshwater gastropods. Turritella fosters new time–space connections, and supports creativity, intensity and design.
Message: Venture into the future; investigate new ideas; make predictions.
Sun Focus: Your heightened perspective and transference of important ideas lead to new realisations for oneself and others.
Affirmation: I feel free to express my genius.