Sabian Symbols & Yi Jing-I Ching: Choose a Symbol!


Hail Symbolers! :)

Thought you might be interested in this. This site below shows the hexagrams of the I Ching with an added Sabian Symbol correspondence.
This is the Yi Jing by LiSe Heyboer

Click for free interpretation. Choose a Hexagram or Number from the site.

Also on the site above: For more about the Sabian Symbols scroll the left hand side and click the bottom coin (Sabian Symbol coin) :)

For a printable version of the Original Sabian Symbols combined with all hexagrams:

Please post any other information you would like to share about the Sabian Symbols and the I Ching, or your comments, or draws!!!

Many Blessings
Elven x


Somehow I missed this post...

I cant say my reading meant much to me, but then again
I had little intention either so I will try it again when I feel UP

BUT The explanations and insight into the whole sabian symbols and I CHING
WOW that was great! I just kept choosing to gain insight to their interpretations.. some were VERY helpful!

Another page added to my favourites...




Hi MCsea :)

Yeah, the site is sort of set out differently, and the readings take a bit to put together, but I think its the way the outlay is.

I should have posted my first reading from there - it was very interesting - very futuristic - not so much in 'the now', but still relevant.

I need to have a better understanding of the I-Ching with the Symbols but next time I'll post up my draw! :)

Many Blessings
Elven x


Yea thats it to understand the Iching part,
I think I like the sabian symbols like 1000 times more - but
this site, wow it has SO much info... I think it will take me
a while to digest it - BUT - WHEN I am UP to it I WILL!