Sacred Circle 7 of Wands


Seven of Wands ~ Sacred Circle Tarot


Seven represents mysterious knowledge and understanding,
signifying visionary and idiosyncratic thinking and analysis.


Cerne Abbas

The Celts first came to Britain in 500BC bringing with them their style of pagan worship. The Celts thought of their gods as giants and portrayed them as such. On many hills in Britain can still be seen these huge figures of men and horses.

The most famous of these is the Cerne Abbas Giant cut into the hillside above the village of Cerne Abbas near Dorchester in Dorset. The figure is over 180 feet high and his ' virility' is very obvious! During Roman times he was identified as Hercules and associated with a fertility cult, or Priapus Worship, revived by Emperor Commodus in the late 2nd century AD.

Until 1635 a maypole was set up near the giant and today 'courting couples' still make night-time pilgrimages up to the giant to make sure that their marriage will be blessed with children. Women it seems are supposed to roll over the giant's 'male appendage' to make sure that their fertility will be enhanced...

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Newgrange was built in Ireland in 3,100 BC
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My own original artistic version of the card named simply



The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

"Wisdom hath built herself a house, she hath hewn her out seven pillars."
(Prov. 9:1). Such is the art of arts.

The 7 of Wands is sometimes called, "The Teacher's Card."
When I use this expression, I'm often asked for my source,
as if everything has to be written in a book to be real...
but what then is the source of the source? Tarot knows.



The seven of wands....I've read this card as "courage" for years, and have noticed that on most decks the solitary fighter is above the others, having the high ground. Here, too, that is true.

It seems to me that "having the high ground" is not always literal, but is frequently what pulls us through times of tough competition. Wands, as fire, speak of conviction, inspiration, energy, creativity, bullheadedness, and having belief in ourselves and what we're fighting for. It is that which pushes us to excell. We go on in the face of all opposition, because we believe in what we are doing. Because we become so involved that we forget how to back down. Because it seems to us that what we are fighting for is bigger than ourselves.
for these reasons, the 7 wands has always carried the probability of winning against all odds.

I was reading Lady Gregory recently, a story of a hero who was cursed with the "battle rage" in which the hero, and his generations after him, would continue to fight untill either all thier enemies were dead, or they themselves died. How very 7 wands. And how Celtic. How fitting and proper that this 7 wands features a fertility god, to help ensure the generations after generations after generations.

Take a look at the giant there, he still stands after how many centuries of christianity?? Whatever else, that's tenacity. Maybe that's the link to teaching?


I tend to see 7 of Wands as that of being on higher ground, such as that which encompasses a spiritual or moral ground; or a belief in the rightness of an endeavour. That impetus that lends credence to any struggle & encourages one to keep on keeping on the face of even insurmountable odds of victory.

Since 7 is the number of initiation, it can be seen as an advanced testing stage that utilizes the knowledge & insight gained after a preliminary testing stage or competition of 5 of Wands--5 the number of man & imperfection. It is that understanding of the 7 that provides support.

In the RWS version of 7 of Wands, the figure stands on higher ground holding a Wand whilst the other 6 Wands are wielded by those below or opposing him. Those 6 Wands suggestive of the RWS 6 of Wands where the figure on a horse is riding home or to the finish line, apparently receiving accolades for a successful campaign. Unseen is the figure with the 7th Wand who can be seen in the next card (7 of Wands). The 6 (prior) Wands may still be in the midst of celebrating & not paying attention to their surroundings. Suggestive that success or victory a temporal thing. That it behooves one to remain alert, to keep progressing &/or to not rest upon the laurels.

Btw: thanks to Fulgour for posting the links to the fascinating Cerne Abbas Giant & the ancient chalk drawings.

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The reversed Sacred Circle 7 of Wands is an interesting study in proportions or relationships.

Here, the figure appears weighed down or kept back by the number of opposing Wands. It can be seen as being in a weak or difficult position or weak-willed; lack of faith or knowledge.


From my understanding of the celtic peoples, this card holds two important values, battle and from battle you gain honour, but also the honour of a tribe to keep reproducing, making that honour count far back. How much honour would the oldest tribe have? That would be something to be in awe of in the celtic world.

What i like about this card though, from the RWS is that there is no real high ground, its a meeting of equal opponents, a meeting of different sides. In everything we do - teacher/student, parent/child etc - from the process both parties are changed forever. Its fitting that the Cerne Abbas has the 7th wand, the deciding vote sort of thing. Its not just what happens in the present that is imporant and effects these tribes, but also the future, and how you let the lessons and experiences of the present shape your future. The winning tribe in battle would have the strongest and most fierce warriors afterwards, putting stronger and braver genetics into these fiery people. They would have the upper hand in shaping the future, for good or bad is up to them however.

What i love about this deck is that there is as much going on in the minors as there are in the majors. The courts though seem a little tricky to me. hmm, have to work on that one next.

PS can anyone else imagine good old Kevin Carlyon in his robes aka curtains wondering around the Cerne Abbas?


inanna_tarot, that's a really interesting take on 7 wands...thank you!

And MeeWah, thanks to you, I am getting a sense of how the numbers really actually work in this.

these cards have soooo many layers.. :)


magpie9 said:
inanna_tarot, that's a really interesting take on 7 wands...thank you!

Hmm interesting but not right? LOL Nah its cool, just a few ramblings between lectures lol.

This deck is really worth the study. Thanks for reviving the group!



]Hmm interesting but not right? says inanna_tarot

Actually, interesting and most probably right. It'sa lovely bit of creative and practical thinking that takes into account the ever-ongoing push all creatures of this planet to pass on thier superior genes, and be at the top of the Heap.

Darwin and all those scientific Johnnies said it at much greater length, and with much more precision.

:) we are REALLY glad to have you here. :)