Sacred Circle - Initiation, #16


inanna_tarot said:
Initation for me, is something that takes a while to be prepared to, a slowly moving change of Mind, body and spirit, that can truly happen years after any offical ceremonies.
This card also links to the story of Ceridwen and the birth of Taliesin, and the Mabon Child of the SunGod.
One of the most adept different Temperence cards I've ever come across, as one is slowly changed from one form to another, but its like a personal evolution, and your soul becomes as Free as the bird - and I completely agree with Gypsy Mama on the responsibilites that come with it.

Well said! I too believe Initaion is actulally a process, and can happen before, during and after the Iniiation ceremony. It is, perhaps, how we grow into ourselves and thus is really an unending process. I agree that a lot of responsibility comes with it, that it's poinsenous to ignore or neglect.

Bob Dylan said,: He not busy being born is busy dying" in one of his early songs, and I think that's the real truth of it.

Gypsy Mama said:
The maze itself indicates that even when in doubt at a particular moment,......snip........... that moment is still part of the larger picture of which we are not always aware. The maze, as stated before, represents the journey into and out of the cauldron as the initiation...... But as well I see the maze being the symbolic representation of the mind and how we can get lost in thought, analyzing and thinking too much....... When we can let go and have a deeper faith we can rise above the situation in love and understanding as of course is demonstrated by the woodpecker flying out of the flames. (I especially like the woodpecker and how it is guarding the knowledge.) Although you gain more freedom in this initiation you cannot do so without taking seriously the responsibilty that comes

Before you pointed this out, Gypsy Mama, I had never realy thought of the maze in relationship to the mind, and how we can get tangeled up in it's pickyness, and thinking too much--such a trap! Thank you for that, It's a good one. And having faith is the way out, since it is a greater and true-er force than logic !


magpie9 said:
And having faith is the way out, since it is a greater and true-er force than logic !

Dont let the King of Swords hear you say that! :p



I drive the King of Swords NUTS!

....and I do it on purpose :D :D :D :D


The first thing that catches my eye on Initiation, is the maze ... it's like a puzzle - to get it right, you have to begin it, work through it, and once you have completed it, you understand how you arrived at the answer.

What is rising from the cauldron looks like steam to me, as if the light is causing a shimmering effect on liquid particles. I'm afraid I do not feel a sense of serenity with this card, perhaps it's the flurry of wings or the cauldron's contents splashing, I'm not sure, but I can relate to alchemy, freedom, begining another cycle, awareness and acceptance and even team work - it's very animated and full of life.

Originally posted by Magpie9
I hope someone can shed some light on the chervil—and also Springwort, witch the book mentions as well.

Some interesting stuff about Chervil’s properties:
Most sites are not sure that the Springwort of myths even exists, but it has been made a common name of the Euphorbia lathyris, it seems, which does not sound like a very user-friendly plant ... in fact it is poisonous ... so perhaps the plant mentioned in the Sacred Circle Tarot book is something else altogether?


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