Sacred Circle - Six of Swords - Solace


The card shows six bright swords in a sunny, peaceful scene. They seem to travel over a gentle stream toward the lush woodlands in the distance. When water appears in a tarot card it represents the emotions and the workings of the subconscious mind. The landscape depicted is an inner one, the serenity that can be achieved with the right metal attitude, represented by the swords.
Your life is shaped by your thoughts, they determine how you view your past, how you perceive your present, and how yu form your aspirations for the future. Your mind is powerful enough to change the way you think, you can learn to stop approaching life in a negative fashion and subsitute a positive attitude.

I could not pass up the beautiful way that was written in the Sacred Circle Tarot book by Franklin & Mason.

Let's get back on track... Sorry about not being able to post this sooner. I will post my actual thoughts about my feelings to this card tomorrow.