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Sulis, your so good!

Red Emma

Index, SC threads

Sulis, what a great idea and tremendous help. It looks to me as if it was a whole lot of work.

Thanks very much.


O Sulis!
You walk On Water!! (especially to us non-teckie-types!!) Thanks very much. :)


Sulis: Thanks so very much!

Btw: PM'd ye. Need to split the thread "Sacred Circle, Judgement" so that the posts related to 8-Warrior are in a separate thread. I am going to do that now.


Thanks MeeWah, I'll add The Warrior 8 to the index list


sulis xx


I'm ready for The High Priestess... anybody care to start?


I'll be ready to begin with the High Priestess in a couple of hours when my brain is working--up pretty much all night again (overactivebrain), coming to very very slowly, this "morning". So if you haven't started a thread for her by then I will. Will that be OK? :)
I'm delighted to see your many postings on the SC threads, today!


Hi Sulis,
I just posted anew thread--sacred Circle-Initiation-#16. Please add it to the index, when you have time.
Also, I believe this bvrings us to 10 threads and over 100 posts-! are you who we ask to have our own little spot, like all the other grown-up study groups do?