Sacred Circle Study


Oh Dan! I'm so sorry to hear about that! :(


ohhhhh, that is a bummer, dan! hope you can get it straightened out with the seller on e-bay; sorry that happened.



The dealer has already contacted me and said a new deck will be sent out. Guess it is back to the waiting game, but it will be worth it.


That is great to hear, Dan. I hope they come soon.


the sacred circle backs

The back of the cards reminds me of the times near the river when I climbed or jumped up on a large rock and took a moment to take in its energy and feel connected with it and with nature.



Around 1000 bc (a bit earlier) the Celts had to fight against the Romans i.e., so it was necessary to have weapons. War is part of history, :( - and of the present of course. But better look at the other side, where you see light, nature i.e. The fool has to go through bad and good times, he recognises good and bad things. That`s life!


The Celts were a Warrior Culture. As such they placed a high value on Courage, Honor, Loyalty, Ancestry and Tribal structure. They also honored Bards, the Keepers of History & Law, Healers and Judges.
It's not a total loss!