Sacred Circle -- Three of Swords


Discord is a very apt keyword for any three of swords, So much that i use it as a keyword for the riderwaite and its copies.

Two against one, that seems unfair don't you think?



Ok Ok...I am back....I have caught up and have the 3 and the 4 of swords ready to go...

3 Of Swords - (Discord)

This is what I felt from picking up this card and focusing upon it.

A spanner in the works (so to speak), total and utter confusion, upset, stressed out. There is all of a sudden total kaos, the situation has become bleak. Depression and sorrow seem to be looming, dark and stormy atmosphere seems totally unexpected. A most unwelcoming change indeed. This card makes me want to hold my breath, squeeze shut my eyes and pray for these bad things to go away!

I read the divinatory meaning in the book afterwards and it was very interesting to see that this card feels rather intimately sad, a very personal level of emotion.



In past readings, the 3 of swords has come up as 'growing pains' things that make us cry, but make us human.
The first time we fall over a child and scrape our knee
The first time we really fancy the pants off someone and they dont give you the time of day
The first time you fall out of love with someone etc.

I've also had this card come up when there have been LOTS of arguments, lots of communication, but not the right sort. Theres talking with each other and talking/shouting at each other. The air gets very stormy, and usually it could be an argument because someone else is behind one of them, egging on a fight, mother in law, best friend, someone whos jealous, someone whos having an affair. Theres definately some form of secrecy ad betrayal here, as one sword hides behind the other (in parallel) to hit it. You think you are fighting one thing, but really its another - displacement comes to mind here as well.