Sam Weiser Books is gone !


Sam Weiser Books, who publishes a lot of rereleased occult books (and was supposed to possibly print my Tarot book) is GONE! They have been sold and are becoming 'Red Wheel Books'. In the course of events, they are also about to release several Tarot books, so they wished me luck with a new publisher.
:( :( :(
So, I hate to disappoint you members who were hoping to see a copy of my book in your hands in the near future...but after Labor Day ( and some rewriting) I am sending the manuscript off to Llewellyn to see what they say...Wish Me Luck!
:) :) :)


That is a loss to the publishing world. The publishing house was known for its occult publications.
My first Ryder-Waite deck was published by Samuel Weiser & so are some of my books which are probably long out-of-print. The deck is well-used but still in good shape, as are the books.
Let us hope the new owner will continue in its tradition...


Tarotbear: You know I wish you good fortune & godspeed--always!
Your Year Card may indicate when you could expect to see publication :)


I'm sure that the next publisher will snap up your manuscript. And we will all be standing in line to get you to autograph the front page. Wish you well and good luck. :)


Tarotbear, I hope you will find another publisher soon!
About the fact that Weiser is gone, I am shocked and sad; they were an institution of quality.



I've already begun wishing you well on another thread. I will be looking forward to hearing that your book will be published soon. :)



Ok, I'm crossing all my fingers and toes... oops, no wait... CRAMP! Can't do it. Wouldn't be able to type. But I do wish you lots of luck!

Rhiannon :)


Tarotbear: Being a bit of a newbie to the forum, I had no idea that you had written a book on the Tarot. I am very sorry about the setback. I know that it can be very frustrating.

(Pollyanna Warning) On the upside, you said that you planned to do some re-writing before re-submitting it to other companies. Maybe it will be even better than before. Maybe this has happened for a reason. I know that it is not a happy time, but look at it as a Death Card in your life. One part (the publishing house to publish your book) has died, but something even better (the improvements and possibly better sales with the new house) will take it's place.

I wish you all the best. Keep us posted and add me to the list of people waiting breathlessly for your book. I know it will be a very useful one. Your posts on this forum are very insightful and I always learn something from them.

Good Luck and Lots of Love