Santeria -- Santero [King of Pentacles]


The santero lays an herbal sacrifice at the base of the sacred drums (bataa). This is a physical act and an earthly sacrifice (corresponds to the Pentacles suit). The sacrifice is intended to propagate and stimulate communication with the orisha. The grass is dark green and growing. The background is reminiscent of ocean water; calm, but also unpredictable (like orisha).

The santero is dressed in white, like Obatala. (“father” of Santeria initiates = “The Great Father”)

A santero is also called a babalorisha (“father of orisha”).


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Thanks for doing all these threads, future users of this unique deck will really appreciate it!

Water Pixie

The man represented by this card

In my experience indicates a humble man. Someone mature and wise enough to recognize the respect we must have for all of life. Someone emotionally stable. A good friend to lean on perhaps? I love the background of this card. The color is so soothing.