Say something to the Tarotist who will read this in 100 years time.


I have a feeling that by the time 100 years have passed - someone will gain access to the data in this forum website and be astounded at the snapshot of what tarot in the first 2 decades of 2000, really looked like.
And I feel thats actually very possible - nothing is ever lost.

So on the projection that someone in the future will be mining this illustrious achive of ours to see the decks, the methods, the discoveries, the Oracles and the resurrgences, and all the rest of the goodies that are here...
Give them a parting piece of your Tarot wisdom

Say something to the Tarotists of the future....
My message is...

Could you please finish any of the readings that weren't completed at the close in 2017 with the same type of decks they were being read with. I would love to see this happen.


I'm not sure if I will ever marry or have kids. I know I'll be dead in 100 years but I hope whoever reads this knows that the art of Fortunetelling is absolutely amazing and powerful and if this has ever interested you then you should not hesitate picking up your first deck.
When I pass away, I hope whoever picks up my books, tools, and decks enjoy learning it as much as I did. Occult is my life.


To read with love and empathy, but at the same time to tell it like it is, don't be a cup cake reader! :D


I think there will be no more internet in 100 years from now.


We came, we learnt, we conquered!

In 100 years you will probably have micro magnetic chips in the base of your necks that will control every aspect of your life down to bringing up Tarot cards and their meanings for you without ever having to learn from a book and/or person. Downloadable data.

"Brave New World" was not written for no reason. Aldous Huxley dabbled in Astral Projection and that is what he saw!

To you FUTURE Tarotists:

100 years ago we had true freedom - you likely will not.
100 years ago we had choices - you likely will not.
100 years ago the USA made a mistake with Trump - you are likely the consequence of that mishap.
100 years ago we had AT - you only have it's echo.

Best of luck!

DND :)


GOOD FORTUNE :love::spade::diamond::club::CL

Hello! I love the idea that this will not be lost, that someday, this could happen.

I want to give you advice, and I hope that people have evolved a little bit from now to your time. If it doesn't involve a major risk such as jeopardizing your life, own your Tarot freakism with pride, shout it out! It is the most liberating experience ever.


can anyone tell me how to sum out knight of sword rx lmao


It would have been my dearest wish that we had left you an active archive here, brimming with over 100 years of data showing you the resurgence of Tarot and the transformations it has undergone since the years around 2000. But that was not to be.

We do though have a great living record of how Tarot enthusiasts (for the first time using the internet) could come together from all over the world, and discuss Tarot and Oracles, and many other subjects, with such depth and exploration. It has been an extraordinary time for Tarot. There have been so many new developments, and so many new decks too. It takes a forum of this size and with this many written contributions, ideas and wisdoms, to explain it.

It has been a wonderful journey recorded as a snapshot of what we have all been doing. I hope it helped in some way to where you are now in the history of the Tarot, and to whoever reads this, I hope it helps your journey too.

For me…
I would be so interested to know what Tarot has become.
Has Artificial intelligence now taken over projecting the future as we naturally did as humans?
What Tarot decks (if they are still decks) are popular now?
What Tarot decks are still being used and traded?
Who is the bestselling Tarot author of your time?
How are readings done?
Has mainstream science finally cottoned on to why Tarot works yet or even how it works?
I hope your Tarot journey in the future, is wonderful.
I hope you read this and know that we adored the Tarot and for many of us it was, as is a very integral part of our lifestyles.
I hope that Tarot is still free enough to have evolved and is still being studied.
I hope we have dug up and explored enough of the past centuries of Tarot for you to get a glimpse of that too.
I hope many have added to it as well since now.