Scariest card?

tiger lily

I just found out that the card that scares me the most is the Star. Yep. not Death, Devil or Tower, but the Star.

This card is haunting me for days now (and no, I don?t think it has something to do with the NY/DC attacks), ever since it turned up in a reading; it came up as the "key", whereas the Tower was "what you have achieved so far" (and I laughed, because it was *so* fitting!)

The Star wants you to shed *all* your defenses, be completely open - which, to me, means totally vulnerable. When I see that naked girl, i immediately think "the naked truth" - that is another scary thing, isn?t it? To say the truth, even if it?s not popular. And at the same time to be so open and receptive that all the reactions hit you with full impact. No walls and high towers that deflect the blows.



That is an interesting interpretation of star, one I've certainly never heard before! I really like the star card and see it as one of the most beautiful cards in Many decks. I think of it as recieving a higher or spiritual truth , also healing energy. Yes, she is naked but then so are many of the other figures on the cards. I don't see this card as being defenseless at all. I think the woman Wants to recieve the pure and healing star energy. The truth is Always a great thing? (I pretty much believe so )

tiger lily

Maybe it is because I received the Tower and the Star in the same reading... and I had my fair share of Tower in the past nine years, so I often feel as if all my defenses have been destroyed by those blows.

I see the woman of the Star as the fair Maiden that was held captive in the Tower :) ... after such a long time behind the Tower?s walls it can be scary to be in the open again...


I'd have to agree on the unique perspective of the Star card. To me there is nothing scarier than receiving the Tower.

To me it represents "shit hitting the fan". The everything will go to hell card. It's the card i got repeated while in job hell last year and disappeared once i left the company.

The star on the other hand, while it's not my happiest card, leaves me faith and hope. to me it represents the "let something wonderful into your life". That a new surprise is coming and things will be okay if you trust in the universe. It's the card that i keep getting when i do a reading for bruce and i. it's the card that shows me things really will be okay even though i feel as if they're not.

It's my guiding light... keeping me focused.

blessed be,


5 of pentacles. Loneliness - out in the cold.
Every time I draw this card I get a little shiver.


i kinda like The Star. I understand your point of view about the total vulnerability but whenever i draw that card in a reading, i feel optimistic .. sometimes enthusiastic about the challenges i have to face with the card.
The Moon makes me shudder, even by thinking of it.


faunabay & dc.: the 5 of pentacles scares the crap outta me too. But then, so does the Tower. Hate getting that in a reading. I agree. The sh*t will hit the fan. I get the Tower alot when I do readings for this one woman and her love life. :D

Hoonoki: I don't exactly like the Moon card, but I appreciate it as a warning that all is not as it seems to be. I like to know when people are trying to deceive me. ;)

Rhiannon :)


The Tower for me as well. I really hate the thought of upheaval in my life. Every time this card comes up for me it's kind of like " we go again". I always get a little start every time I flip over a Sword as well.


i find the 9 of swords and the judgement card the scariest cards. in the traditional RWS, the 9 of S is a horrifying bloody scene of a guy lying on the ground w/ 9 swords in his back. kind of like a tarot version of agatha christie's "murder on the oriental express". it's the ultimate card of being "backstabbed". judgement prob bothers me b/c of being a pagan in a southern baptist community all my life. the scene of the dead coming up out of the graves is too much like what i've been preached at is going to happen during the second coming of christ and the rapture. even tho i say i don't believe in heaven or the second coming or hell or satan, when i see the judgement card i find myself shuddering and wondering--what if i'm wrong? what if this card is showing up to warn me to repent before it's too late. crazy isn't it? i've always sworn to myself i would always be true to my beliefs to the end but the judgement card reminds me of how i second guess the depth of my convictions at times. i've had tower and death card experiences so many times in my life, the cards seem like business as usual to me. ex. "hhmmmm...the tower showing up again? shesh! i could kick myself for overplanning on the other side what i'm supposed to accomplish this life. what was i thinking? death, too? well, i'm not surprized. if the tower is going to rock my world then some major transformations/soul deaths have to be on the way--again. next time i'm going to plan a vacation life to make up for this one. who needs to worry about hell in the afterlife!??!" ;D :D :p :cool: :-o


Quote:truthsayer (17 Sep, 2001 02:04):
i find the 9 of swords and the judgement card the scariest cards. in the traditional RWS, the 9 of S is a horrifying bloody scene of a guy lying on the ground w/ 9 swords in his back. kind of like a tarot version of agatha christie's "murder on the oriental express". it's the ultimate card of being "backstabbed".

Erm, I think you're talking about the 10 of S in the RWS deck??? But I definitely agree. It's pretty disturbing, but when it came up in my 7-card spread focused on Career I interpreted it as the Completion (as with all 10s, say my of my current job. But if I were focusing on something else, like Social or Family or something like that, that card would scare the crap out of me.

It's really the only card in the RWS that bothers me. In the Crowley Thoth.. I think Death (because of the gangly, evil looking skeleton) or even Art because the lady has two faces and she appears to be grinning while .. doing something evil or something. I know that's totally off base, but that was my initial reaction to the card. Kind of weary.

ANYHOW, I'm gonna finish off here.