Seeds of Shakti Oracle


Hi guys!

Any thoughts on the Seeds of Shakti Oracle by Gypsy Arts? :)
I've never been drawn to it before but for some reason I decided to research it the other day and was really loving the colorful artwork and gorgeous Indian theme!

Anyone used it?

I'm hoping it arrives quickly but from experience Canadian Post doesn't seem too effective. :(


It's a lovely deck. I have the first edition, the cardstock is wonderful, the size is perfect and the illustrations are bright, colourful, and absolutely beautiful.

I've been drawing a card a day - it always brightens the day and gives me a wonderful burst of positive energy. It's the Indian theme that drew me in as well.

:) :):)


This one is currently on its way to me. I traded a deck to its creator, she is a wonderful person and I am looking forward to using the Seeds of Shakti alongside my workhorse Wild Unknown deck. I think they will make a perfect pair.

Canada Post might be a bit on the slow side, but reliable nevertheless. Got several decks from Canada, all of them arrive in due course


I bought the 2nd edition by preorder last October and I've never been disappointed. It's a beautiful deck with a very good guidebook. Sharron's devotion and the amount of work she put into the whole package is obvious. I love the card size. You can use the deck many different ways. There are chakra cards for all 7 (plus 2) chakras which can be pulled out for chakra specific readings. There are moon cards which can be pulled out to use for timing questions. There are specifically Hindu deities which can be included in the deck or those can be set to the side with still a very large deck left, if you wanted to remove them for a more religious-neutral reading. The deck back are half black and half white, so they can also be divided into two piles and a cards pulled or spreads done from each pile. For example a "light and shade" reading or a dark moon/full moon reading, etc.


I'm absolutely loving this little deck! :) It has lots of soul and such a fun energy! And the cards are perfect for chakra check-ins! Super happy that I ordered it!