Seeking Hebrew Letter Teacher


I am seeking a very very knowledgeable teacher that knows the 22 hebrew letters and there magical breakdown. For instance Beth is a house plus the yod which is a hand and the tav which is the cross of the elements which then means???????? I have experience in the shape of the letters and the other meanings so i am no neophyte to this. I will pay very very well for that magical person who can assist me with this. So if interested please contact me and we will discuss this in more detail.

Knox Om Pax
P.S. I have already read all of PFC books.


Hello Anubis777.

From your name I can already tell your grounding is in the Golden Dawn Esque groups. I would recommend you picking up Aryeh Kaplan's Sefer Yetzeriah. In that book he gives extensive commentary on the application of Hebrew Letters and the Occult ways they can be used. Then once that is grasped try and attribute whatever tree you would like to use to the tarot major arcana and the numbered minor arcana to the seferiot. Then you will have the authentic version of what your tree will do. Once you've memorized the paths and letters with the cards, then your ready to actually DO something with it.