self publishing

Luna's Crone


had to "refresh" my puter last night cuz a russian site got it (this would mean war if I was still a hacker like in the old days). so today I am going thru all the add-ons and i find this advert saying balboa press part of the hay house publishing is for self publishers.

I am not sure if it does cards but it does books. here is a link. it has a free guide on this site to download

its a whacky long url but ligit as far as I can tell


wow, that is something new under the sun!
I would love to publish my blog in book form just for myself, and i look ever so often at the options out there. 3000+ posts = vanity publishing = a billion dollar expense :)
I be crushed though if blogger went dark and all those words were lost.

I'll go get a cuppa and explore Balboa at leisure.

thanks, Sharyn