Self-Reads v/s Reading For Others


Do you use one deck for yourself only and one deck to read for others? For instance I read for myself with the Celtic Dragon, but for others with Robin Wood. I was wondering if I was the only one who did this.


I read with the Hanson-Roberts deck and meditatate and read for myself with the Connolly deck. I think it's just a matter of preference. One of my friends said she likes to fill her cards with the light of love and charity, thus sharing her cards with others. Personally, I feel the vibes from other people on my deck, I used to read with the Celtic dragon, and no matter what I did they wouldn't go away, so I bought a whole new deck and the vibes are gone. Needless to say, no one touches my cards!


i only use motherpeace for myself.........but i don't ever only use a deck for me really. i use them all, i ask into the bag......."who want to talk" and whoever answers get to!

my cards are alive LOL



Quote:my cards are alive LOL

yes, but do they do their own laundry??? sorry, couldn't resist :D


I've only read for others a couple of times and I use the Spiral or the Diamond - I use the Hanson Roberts for myself only with the Rider Waite being my study deck (this means that the Rider Waite is getting slightly battered from being spread over the carpet or table and being studied so closely lol :) )


I use the Sacred Circle and World Spirit for myself, the Robin Wood for tarot spellwork and around 4 other decks for my clients (I let them choose among R/W, Thoth, Morgan-Greer or simple fortune telling cards).

Most clients choose the R/W as it is very popular in Germany.


...before I would do a reading for someone else. Simply because I know how to handle the outcome; I can't be too sure about others. But getting back to your question; if I would do readings for others I would simply use the deck which works best for me. For me it would either be my mage or my rider waite deck. IMO its not the cards which matter in this case; its the outcome.

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I dont have separate decks for clients or myself but i do rotate my decks when doing consecutive readings