Selfless Self-Care Spread


I really think that a lot of times when we seek guidance on self love and care, it's because there's in issue in our life that has hurt or drained us! This spread seeks to explore that issue directly while telling you what the best thing you can do for yourself might be.


1. What is the situation in your life that has you seeking self care?

2. Something for you to think about or take into account about yourself and your role.

3. The most loving thing you can do for yourself at this time!

4. A positive message of reassurance about this issue for you.

I've included my own test spread below to give some insight into how it's supposed to work!

1. Queen of Wands - I was dealing with a woman who communicated something to me in quite a poor fashion and was at a loss on how I should approach it, considering it was something that cut me quite a bit! This card should tell you about the situation a little, but don't read too deeply into it. It's sort of just an overview.

2. Five of Pentacles - This card is intended to be something for you to think over in regards to the situation at hand, be it a way you're acting, or perhaps something to meditate over and take into consideration. For me, I think this card was telling me that this woman was acting quite brash due to the fact that she often felt left out or left in the cold compared to me. This was something I hadn't really thought of, and it made her actions make far more sense to me. It seemed a lot more comforting to put it this way than a random act of cruelty.

3. Hanged Man - The most loving thing I could do for myself was just wait it out, and think of it from this new and different perspective. I often forced myself to be a peacemaker, but during the situation, it just didn't feel right. This card kind of confirmed the fact that it was okay for me to hang without making any kind of choices in regards to this.

4. Two of Cups - This card is meant to be taken as a silver lining of your current predicament that has you so strained. For me, I took it to mean that while this person did something rude, the core values of the friendship were still there, and that the relationship I had with this woman could still be saved!

Best of luck with this spread! I really hope it comes in handy for some of you!


I love this... I used the Paulina and it resonated very well for me
My cards
1.The Sun
2. Page of Swords
3.8 of wands of pentacles

Thank You