setting spirits free, clear negative energy and help ghosts cross over


last night when i responded.

I didnt' have the book in front of me so I went by memory.

going back to the book itself, and the chapter on crossing over ghosts where it comes to her technique let me quote here

"but there is no wrong way to cross over ghosts and I applaud anyone who feels drawn to help the spirit world in this way"

the other alternative ways is to create portals, ask angels of mercy to help the ghost, give healing to a ghost aura to help it heal itself. burn sage every day to a ghost hold on a location weakens.
she warns against using one own light by accident to cross over a ghost for the ghost will transfers over as an attachment, something I didn't think off.

one thing I found interesting is where a ghost is lost for they need their story to be told,, aka they got murdered, or they are missing. some excel at this work. it best to cross over the ghost first then then the spirit can help you in a more meaningful manner as ghost don't always tell the truth.

the best advice I guess in the chapter is "you are the living, it is your time to be here, working with ghosts is very rewarding but keep it in check".



can you do a more indepth review under the title of that book I started a book thread review so we can catalogue book reviews for people who come here who are looking for the info.
I don't have the book so I cant' start a review of it.


Here's a short review for you to COPY N PASTE over to your review thread...

The book titled,

is written from notes of cases recorded by Dr Wickland in the early 1900. Printed 1974, in US of A.unabridged
ISBN 0-87877-025-9

It's a case by case collection of notes...carried out by himself and his psychic wife as the medium in the company of interested like minded members of the public..

The stories are very informative as to what goes on in the spirit world and how it goes on. Also what causes it and how it's managed on this side of this mortal veil and the other side.

It informs the reader of the processes used to dislodge the obsessing spirit.

It's well worth the read to anybody that has an interest in the happenings of the spirit ,how it happens and its impact on the physical world.

It makes clear the case for possessions and obsessions caused by incarnate beings.

The list of names of spirits that took part in these sessions is surprising also.

It's not available in hard copy anymore ... though it is available in PFD form.

It took quite some time for me to understand that the "TREATMENT" referred to was the BLUE RAY treatment of static electricity,a newly advanced idea back then, invented by TESLA and used world wide by doctors and patients for the treatment of a wide range of ailments in the days before antibiotics.


Was that Gordon Smith, DownunderNZer? They used to call him the Psychic Barber. He's Scots. I think some people - mostly ghost hunters - think all you need is a candle and a bible and a fancy black cloak and tadaaa! you command them to go.
You really think they have this power? lol If we could command spirits to leave a place then we could command them to appear before us too, and I could talk to my mum anytime I had a problem with my kids or my knitting.. I wish! Why should a spirit clear off just because some human tells them to? We can't make spirit do anything.
As I understand it, the serious rescue mediums and good mediums like Gordon Smith, simply connect with the family or loved ones of the "ghost" - the spirit that is hanging around. They ask for his family to come and collect him, and that way it's simple and it works. It makes a lot of sense to me - whereas the candle and the dramatics does not :)


there is a differnce mingbop

with this technique you are connecting directly with the divine light so the idea is you are cocommanding the spirit to leave in line with the creator.
then you witness it by watching it happen with the creator.

in theta healing which this technique is based on, you command the body to heal and witness it. the author of spirit release says she developed the technique for spirit releasing by working through her beliefs that might of blocked her over time with the theta healing.

so one isn't just walking in and saying "I command you to leave". that is the key component here is working with the creator, god, all that is. !

this excerise works for the author so it is based on her experience with the technique and she teaches it at her website.

I recommend looking at the book if you can get a copy.
I personally believe in building a good library of books so one can be aware of all the good techiques out there.


Yes, not arguing with you - or her lol - just saying how I see it. I like discussions with you HOLMES you have a good mind and you're very a spiritual person :)
The thing I'd have to say next is, I believe we have free will in the spirit world as in this one.... and that maybe when the time is right then God will assist that soul over then? Without us being in the mix at all?
:) :)