Seven (7) of Wands....


I have been looking at the 7 of wands recently, the RWS is very different. instead of looking like he is working , it looks like he is brandishing the wand in front of him, the other wands look quite threatening to me like they are held by an unseen enemy.

any other thoughts on this card?



it still feel the same to me ... both give the impression that the main character is trying to protect what is behind him ... though, the gilded seemed more obvious.

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Guilded seven of wands

The wands seem to be moving on their own accord. Dont see anyone holding them although there could be. It looks like they are trying to get outside.
They could be trying to push him out of his castle to the outside. Maybe
they want to escape the castle them selves. He is holding them back.
Maybe this would be like a person at work defending what he thinks is
right even though he is putting himself on the line. Or like a parent with
a teenager who is trying to get them thru the things who are out there
which are harmful but the teen keeps pushing and pushing. (Spoken like the Pisces mother of a scorpio daughter)


One thing I notice is the way the guy in the picture seems to be easily holding onto his wand. It's like even though he is defending himself against all of these unseen enemies, he doesn't seem too off-balance or upset.

His mannerism seems to be, "okay ... but I'm holding my ground. Say what you will, do what you will - eventually, I will succeed."


...only my thoughts on this card:

In this card, he actually HAS THE ADVANTAGE over any and all competition
he might encounter in his social life but especially with his co-workers.

He has superior ideas, but there are those that are trying to overtake him
by coming up with better ideas...but they can't because, as mentioned already,
he has the advantage over whatever situation the reading is about.

Wands can also indicate your family life. So the mother/daughter thing is right on too.

He is on "top" of things! :)

:) :love: tarotlyn


When I look at the 7 of Wands here's what I see:

A man, standing in front of a partially opened door. Through the door we see an indication of open space -- like his own little world is behind him -- via the sunset and stars behind him. 6 staves are being thrust at him from and he wields one himself in defense. He looks solemn and determined like he's put in this position, not chose to be in this position.
However out of all of the staves in the picture, his is the only one that seems to emanate or reflect any light.

To me it seems like he's defending his domain, his world as it were. He's willing to stand up for it and fight if necessary but only in defense. The fact that his staff is the only one that seems lit up indicates to me that he has a position that is superior or more enlightened than whomever holds the other staves.

The other thing that comes to mind is that you can't see his opponents so maybe they aren't real as in physical enemies as much as they are ideas or ideals.


I personally see this guy as somebody who is protecting something that he's put a great deal of energy and hard work into (everything that's behind the door that he's guarding).

Whilst it may appear that he's outnumbered by the opposition, we don't actually see anybody holding the other wands.

This actually makes me want to say that the other 'unlit' wands aren't actually any kind of threat at all - they have no force or direction behind them whatsoever!

This kinda' implies that the perceived threat of the destruction of all that's been worked for is all in this chap's mind; he's defending his hard work unneccesarily, and seeing threats that have no basis in reality.

For me, this card is very much about being stressed, with no reason - based in reality - to be so!

Love & Light,



Could it be that he is somewhat of a leader trying to convince his fellow wands to join him in his mission outside the door.


not by analyzing the card but from experience. it's always meant that i'm trying to hard...i don't know when to give up

in the gilded tarot he seems cornered by the other wands, but there is a way out although it may not seem noticeable because the door is not very open.

the rw he seems more aggressive, here the environment seems to be calmer. so maybe here he is being more rational and more likely to walk away if it really seems like that's the best thing to do.