Seven Straight lines on Justice's Scale



I found this in my Numerology book by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker.

"The scales represent balance. There are seven straight lines of equal length in the scales, representing the seven centers in the body..."


Interesting quote, Ros, what do you make of it?


Looks like it could be yet another chakra reference, far from chakra-origin countries.


Indeed, a reference to Chackras. Is that a far-fetched, plastered on association? Or did the Golden Dawn people concern themselves with chackras? and might the association be intentional? Or is it perhaps merely the number seven itself, and the equality which is important?


I don't know a lot of info on Chakras but I thought mabee this is showing there is balance & all stuggles from the past will be solved on all levels so we can move on. Inner and outer balance.


I was reading The Forest of Souls last week and it made reference to that. Not only is it a reference to chakra but also to an Eyptian image. If I remember it correctly....The Eyptians believed that when you died you would go to judgement where they weighted your heart on the scale with an osterage feather. If your heart was as light as the feather then you went on and if it wasn't you were given to a beast that had the head of a croc, the body of a lion and the hind quaters of a hippo. The scale they used also had the seven marks on it.


I'm being really dumb here, I'm looking at my pocket RWS deck. Where are these 7 lines? It's bound to be completely obvious but I have to ask.


Sulis xx


I like the idea of the seven lines as chakras or energy centres.

From a spiritual perspective, these centres make up the human energy body, and make for health, balance, and harmony. Imbalances in one's energy centres can manifest itself in various ways... and is believed by some to account for depression and other such maladies.

It is a nice idea to think of the scales of Justice as representing a balanced, and healthy energy body. Oooo... I am just thinking how relevant this card would be if it appeared in a chakra-reading. :)


The Javane and Bunker book gives almost no substantiation for any of the material within.

The book has a bibliography but there are no references to it in the text. Or at least, I could see none.

I have found the whole book very frustrating for that reason.

Maybe others have a different opinion but I am so dubious about this book now that I hardly use it.