Sex Magic(k)


Personally I think there are many different sexual energies, which are affected greatly by so many factors; health, chakra activation, mental arousal, physical arousal, biological and mental gender of the person, cultural programming, choice of partner, relationship strength with that partner, time of day, location, auras of others involved etc.

Yes - these are the myriad of variations unique to each person, couple, and group.

If one detaches oneself in order to focus on the magic then a whole different energy path happens from that point, which I think becomes so significantly different from the natural flow of creative energy of 'for pleasure/procreation' sex, that I no longer feel it is a magical enough energy to use for magick anyway! If that makes sense...

It feels like complicating matters by adding magic into the mix, when the magic IS the sex...hopefully... unless as ravenest says one is drunk in the lounge with the TV on :bugeyed:

I see. So you don't think that one can "sit inside of the sexual experience - AND direct it towards a SPECIFIC magickal purpose" without perverting it. I disagree.
I think that's down to practice (like practising restraint and the control of ejaculation for instance, deliberately slowing oneself down) - and of course - belief, as you've just demonstrated.

Yes, Sex IS magick in itself. The magick of deep levels of sensation and altered awareness. The magick of natural procreation... The magick of the Divine.
But I don't feel that conscious direction towards a purpose would necessarily negate the magickal essence to the point of it becoming useless.

...on the matter of the effect "doing the magick" has, on the quality of the orgasm...this is yet another layer, to play with in practice. If one is intending that, as well as an outcome for the spell - it's even more to juggle with. (more to master }) ).

(...I suppose, one could construct the intension/spell, stick it under the mattress and then forget about it whilst you get on with the sex. The intension having then been set somewhere in the field of the subconscious, without one then having to "hold it in mind" whilst performing...
But that side-steps the point perhaps - as it's the mastering of control, which burrows deeper into the subconscious for greater effect...)



I see it as a form of energy. The Sun, for example, send untold quantities of energy in the form of heat and light towards Earth, with only an infinitesimal fraction of that converted into electricity. The electricity is the Sun's heat converted into something we can use, but it is the same "stuff." Or, you can drink water or you can wash with it, or you can just spill it, but the water itself is the same.

Sexual energy can be harnessed to our purposes but the energy in a working and in a one night stand isn't different.


Interesting :)
Can I ask then, if sexual energy is all the same, then can inept sex with a nasty person achieve the same magickal results as fabulous sex with a tantric master who looks like George Clooney with a saintly personality?

All energy that is used is coloured by the vessel that uses/channels it. This is inevitable.
It's a life-long practice to refine and refine the use (in whatever context - be it sexual magick, or energetic interaction as a therapist etc...) so that you as the vessel - minimise getting in the way. Like practising professionalism. (how to be professional, without getting to the point where you come across as cold? - this is an ever-present dance).
Ofcourse - the 1st scenario you describe would be far less effective than the second (and why would one want to indulge in the 1st instance?).

Yes...and no... depending on the person and their experiences up to that point! Possible... but not the same, or maybe the same. I feel a Schrödinger's Cat type moment coming on...

So - the "person and their experience" bit - is what I refer to as "practiced".
Same difference isn't it?
Most certainly Shcrodinger's Cat moment. Lol.

Oh - and re: "doing it on your own".
That could be said for everything. Might doing other spells on your own be more effective if done in a group setting, or in a pair - so that you have that "companionship and mutual understanding, belief in each other, belief in the process, the vision of yourself as a magickal being in someone else's eyes" to further fire the whole thing...


Interesting :)
Can I ask then, if sexual energy is all the same, then can inept sex with a nasty person achieve the same magickal results as fabulous sex with a tantric master who looks like George Clooney with a saintly personality?

I don't know. But I don't see sex magick as "sex" in its normal form. It doesn't have to be good. It is quite a different kettle of fish. Sex magick can also be practiced alone. Certainly all sex is magical, but not all instances of sex are ones in which an actual working is practiced. Crowley would say that instances where it isn't are contrary to Will, and certainly every encounter is an exploration of self, and adventure, etc. But that still isn't a magical working in its fullest sense.

I recommend you read Modern Sex Magick by Donald Kraig.


To quote D Valiente "It is love and only love that can give sex the spark of magic. Love can take two quite ordinary people, and create something beautiful between them, that no money can buy. To approach magica sexualis in a cold blooded, calculating, clinical manner, is ultimately self defeating"

Doing it on your own, however great ones projection/focus/visualization skills are, doesn't really hit the mark?! :joke:

I think your issue is from your conditioning . conceptualisation and readings, such as the above with Valiente . I dont see the either / or of , on one side, her romantic views on sex and the other , the extreme of 'cold blooded, calculating, clinical manner' I think polarising the possibilities like that would be ' ultimately self defeating ' .

What type of ' magica sexualis ' is she talking about ?