Sex Magic(k)


She was talking about AC's approach.

I've been extremely fortunate in my 'conditioning' :joke:, which is why I totally understand what Valiente is saying even though yes, she does polarize it a bit. I think people who have really experienced love+sex energy tend to see the energies very differently than people who haven't.

Of course they do ! Like any experience.

Yes there is a core of similarity between many different ways of creating sexual energy, and I think what people tend to argue is that they are using/extracting that universal core energy as a 'pure' form, for their magical means, however or with whomever it was created.

If she was talking about Crowley then it just makes her comments worse and are even more clearly a matter of her conditioning.

Because, what IS she talking about re Crowley; An 8th or 9th degree working, an MMM Tantra rite (and you were the only person talking about tantra? You must have missed my earlier post ?) , some aversion he wanted to get over, some perversion he couldn't get over, some silly hopeless love affair where he looses it in infatuation ( which he confesses a few times in his writings) ... all, in one way or another he used for 'magical purposes'. Its all in his writings.


It isn't necessarily a question of secret knowledge. These experiences are by their nature private affairs, not only physically but also spiritually and emotionally. It could be that describing them in words not only doesn't convey them, but may also cheapen them. Many writers have written of their experiences but not everyone is a teacher or has the inclination to be.


It is probably. on a magical and personal level one of THE most private subjects.

I get a bit sick of this secrecy call , I answer as many questions as I can, half the time I think they are ignored, or the request for a more detailed question is ignored .... then the secrecy complaint comes up again :rolleyes:

Words may not be able to convey them, especially in English ... but in a tradition that actually holds detailed knowledge of the effects of tantric practice on the inner process and changes in the body, subtle energies, states of consciousness, etc a whole range of terms and descritpions are part of the vocabulary ... note how Crwoley adopts many Buddhist and Hindu terms to explain things yogically, and also had to use Greek and other languages and invent some of his own terms in English.

If you dont understand the terms then each word can turn into a paragraph ( or a large page on Wiki )

English may be a good language for commerce, but it ' pneumatically extracts' for metaphysics ;)


If it hadn't been for your post I likely wouldn't have responded at all. :))

I don't often speak of the inner workings of magick, especially not in open forums. I'm kind of old school that way.
That's a shame, it sounds like you have some unique expertise that could help anyone genuinely interested in the topic. I'm guessing those who have misconceptions about any of it would be especially grateful as well.

I tend to keep the details of workings that I have done to myself, for many reasons, but I don't think anyone needs to have specifics or personal details in order for this discussion to bear fruit.
There are a lot misconceptions here, many misguided responses. Especially where the practice of tantric sex is concerned. It's not just hot, uninhibited sex with a gymnast for a partner and a wish kids. ;)
Here I was thinking people were imagining a 3 hour long orgasm with Sting at the helm. ;)
Honesty, I didn't open the link before I responded yesterday, and wouldn't say that I totally agreed with 100% of what was there, but there were some accuracies.
I can think of nothing in this world that's ever been written or spoken that I agree with 100%. I think people learn best by taking what they've read, what they've been told/taught and just doing it. Learn through doing it, realize what feels familiar, what feels natural, and keep going.


Well she is not alone in her thoughts on AC. Despite some of his interesting writings/ philosophies, I also find him very confused and having a muddled energy, not someone I would want to learn anything regarding sex or energy from. Your criticism of DV and myself for our 'conditioning' tells me more about your conditioning than anything else!

You can read what she said in Natural Magic. Twas a general summation.

No, I dont want to read it, I was trying to show how generalised that assumption was by the framing of my question.
Sorry I missed it, the page didn't refresh fully.

I don't understand why you quoted me, then continued to talk about DV.

Regarding secrecy- secrecy for me feels like the enemy of freedom of energy. Secrecy stops the flow, it excludes natural development and keeps the energy from breathing.

What does AC have to say about the use of sexual energy as a healing energy?

Quite a bit , but I am not going to do a whole lot of work to collate it for you, and this isnt me being secretive, its just me not wanting to do a whole lot of work for someone, when they can do it themselves.

Especially when they complain about 'secrecy' then follow it with a request for information on what Crowley had to say, after saying Crowley was " not someone I would want to learn anything regarding sex or energy from."

Fine if you dont want to learn anything about that, but if you dont, I dont see why you are asking ?

These are some reasons I am 'secretive' ( meaning, cant actually be bothered as I cant see the point of it ) .


Well erm... a polarizing topic to discuss for sure.

There was me thinking this might be the place for an interesting discussion. Apparently not. :joke:

Did you really want to discus it earthair, or where you more up for enrolling us into your idea that it can't really be done as you believe? (Regardless of who's said and written what, their viability as instructors, and whether we could have time machines. And - this question is rhetorical.).

...Right. Ahh.

Next magickal topic please!
(that's the best thing to do when we can't agree :) ).