sexual themes: not pg rated


i have very low kundalini energy. i'm asexual and i find that makes it hard to please my partners in a physical way.

moonstone use to help, but for some reason has stopped.

does anyone know of any resources to increases your kundalini or advice.

i know one of the problems is me being emotionally reserved.

also i have my mars in gemini so mental sparing is my idea of good sex.


You could try meditating with Orange Calcite. It's supposed to work to cleanse and energize the Root and Sacral Chakras to promote positive energy in the areas of the will and sexuality.

Or maybe you could pick a deity from this list and visualize yourself drawing in their energy.

Read erotic literature and lose yourself in one of the characters you like.

It all starts in the mind...


If you are able to, I would go and see a local crystal healer. I think you have to balance all the chakras and they can lay all the stones on you. Because you need to start at the base chakra with dark colours (black stones) and then work up. The Kundalini is located at the base of the spine but then your mental sparring is a high chakra like the throat or crown! This needs a holistic whole approach and maybe many crystals and they can do it and perhaps advise what you can have around you to help. They can make a crystal grid of the right things you need.

If you can't find or get to someone, I would research online about laying out on all the chakras but you would need to get many crystals / gem stones, one for each area.

Also the asexual pride flags and logos have purple and black, perhaps look also at purple and black crystals to appreciate yourself more! good luck with it


Rose quartz is supposed to work on libido, just let the stone on your nightstand or under the bed/pillow.

A great great read I had this summer on desire, sexual behavior etc is "The erotic mind" by Jack Morrin Ph. D. Even if I don't seem to have to exact same libido concern, this book help me understand me better. The best book on sexual topic I've red so far.